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How to avoid online fraud

Technology, today, plays a very important part in every aspect of our busy lives – right from taking care of our grocery shopping to affording us the luxury of playing online games from the comfort of our homes or at times through our smart phones itself. That being said, the other side of this comfort coin is the ever-lurking possibility of online fraud and that needs to be taken into account as well.

The encyclopedia Wikipedia defines online fraud as “any type of fraud scheme that uses email, websites, chat rooms or any Internet related means to present fraudulent solicitations to prospective victims, to conduct fraudulent transactions, or to transmit the proceeds of fraud to financial institutions or to others connected with the scheme.

In order to avoid online fraud, it is not only important to be alert at all times with net based financial transactions, but also while indulging in any kind of online activity – be it financial or gaming. Never talk to strangers – truer words were never said, especially if you wish to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud.

This is how this website tests

In order to truly understand how OnlineScam.net conducts its tests, it is important to understand what the concept of the internet boom. Putting it simply, the internet today has far reaching effects on every aspect of our lives – be it business, entertainment or even health related. – there are countless financial transactions taking place across the cyber world at any given point of time – resulting in people either making a fortune or losing a substantial amount of their savings.

There is a lot of ambiguity on the internet which leaves room for rampant fraud and cheating – in fact the internet can never be categorized as 100% safe. However, despite the ever lurking possibility of fraud, now-a-days almost everybody has an online parallel existence – no doubt there are various levels of security which every online institution offers and which the online businesses have to adhere to, however, they may not always be tamper proof. Hackers, now-a-days, are, if not more, than just as smart and intelligent as the people designing the online security firewalls.

OnlineScam.net is a website that has been created especially to help people understand the finer nuances of the internet and to arm them with enough know-how to avoid falling prey to any online scams and make the most of their online experience.

Following are some of the highlights of OnlineScam.net

Realistic reviews: Due to the ease and convenience of the internet, a lot of people seem to be falling prey to scamsters. One needs to always bear in mind that while on one hand, the internet has undoubtedly made our lives more comfortable than it was before, on the other hand, the possibility of being cheated by unknown people is extremely high and cannot be overlooked. OnlineScam.net has reviews which are not only realistic, but can also be trusted completely.

Venturing into unknown territories is human nature, but one needs to do so with caution. OnlineScam.net offers realistic reviews on every topic covered and can easily be relied on. At the end of the day it is your money on the line and hence precaution is always better than cure.

Transparent ratings: Getting a positive rating for a particular website is easier than we think. Figures can be doctored and ratings changed to attract more subscribers. It is not easy to be 100% sure whether the ratings of a particular website are genuine or not.. However, OnlineScam.net does not believe in camouflaging the ratings in any way. All the information and ratings provided are to the point and transparent and it is this transparency which makes all the difference when it comes to avoiding online scams and frauds.

Independent content: While the internet holds vast information on any topic under the sun, it is a matter of nanoseconds for search engines to provide this information to anyone seeking it. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in blatant plagiarism and at times, people being misled. All the content and related data on OnlineScam.net is independent and a result of individual research. This is an extremely important point that needs to be considered as well.

Several topics: Yes, there are innumerable websites besides OnlineScam.net which also guide people, but the vast number of topics covered by OnlineScam.net is unmatched as a result of which any category of visitor of OnlineScam.net is sure to find the information he is looking for. The exhaustive range of topics related to online investments and fraud covers every possible issue in this field.

Team of experts for each niche: The one thing that is sure to draw you back over and over again to OnlineScam.net is the expert advice that is given on each individual topic. The website has put together a team of experts for each and every niche to help its subscribers as well as visitors. The team covers topics ranging from forex to online gambling and health products as well, clearing doubts and allaying fears regarding any internet related topic. OnlineScam.net is the preferred “go-to” site for people seeking answers to their internet based queries.

Choose the best provider

One thing that an online trader or gamer does not lack is the exhaustive choice of online service providers as far as his online options are concerned. The internet is flooded with websites offering free advice for any and every topic imaginable and that includes websites claiming to help you make a fortune through investments or even promising to help you make a fortune at the online gambling tables. It is therefore important to be prudent and exercise extreme caution when it comes to any kind of online financial transactions – it is, after all, a question of your hard earned money. This is how we help:

  • Data based ratings

  • In-depth analysis of services

  • Promotion focused

  • Challenging to stay up to date with promotions

  • Transactions via third parties

  • Face – to – face consultation might be preferred

Following are 3 major points that need to be taken into consideration before zeroing in on a particular website where financial transactions are going to be involved:

Check our ratings: Ratings and reviews of other subscribers speak volumes about the veracity and reputation of the website. Online transactions and games are no doubt lucrative, but you could end up losing your money as well and hence it is advisable to check the rating and feedback of our subscribers describing their experience with OnlineScam.net.

Compare the offer: As mentioned before, there is no dearth of websites with all sorts of attractive offers, which are may seem extremely difficult to resist – offers which are bound to confuse you. It is in your best interests to compare these offers before arriving at a decision – weigh the pros and cons – study all the offers thoroughly and then place your money on the line. More often than not, most of these attractive offers are ridden with loopholes which favor the website and you may end up waiting for a long time for these offers to actually materialize and credit to your account.

Claim a bonus: In order to attract more and more new subscribers, the websites, today, offer bonuses in one form or the other. The bonus offered is usually time bound and also accompanied by a caveat or two. It is important to read the rules carefully, especially where bonus offers are concerned and claim your bonus whenever possible. Please note, any bonus has to be claimed within the mentioned timeframe only.

Topics on this website

One of the main reasons for the popularity of OnlineScam.net is the wide range of topics covered under one proverbial roof. In view of the ever increasing number of websites offering all sorts of advice to gullible first-timers, OnlineScam.net covers the following major topics where online fraud is rampant with innocent people losing their hard earned money to scams almost daily :

Finance (Forex, Share)
With the advent of online trading, be it in stocks, forex or binary options, the traditional share broker was obliterated and anyone with an online trading/forex account could dabble online – sometimes striking it lucky and losing a sizeable chunk at others.OnlineScam.net has an experienced team of financial trading advisors to guide and steer you on the right path and ensure, as far as possible, that you make good decisions which work to your benefit in the long run. Both the bourse and forex markets, today, are extremely volatile and hence a good advisor goes a long way too.
Online Casino
Modern online casinos have never been more booming than it is today. Gamers have the option of betting at their favorite online casino games from the comfort of their homes or for that matter even while they are on the move due the various online gaming apps. Gambling has always been addictive and online gambling is even worse. The gambling advisors on OnlineScam.net are experienced and help the gamer select the games that are best suited to his needs while keeping the risk factors in mind.

After all, even though it is all a matter of luck when it comes to gambling, it is your hard earned money that is on the line. As an online gambler it is very easy to fall prey to scams as they always dangle a big fat carrot, which seems almost impossible to resist, especially when you have played a series of bad games. OnlineScam.net gives you realistic view points on various drawbacks and it is in your best interest to heed this advice.

Sports betting
Man has indulged in sports betting since time immemorial – be it any kind of sports activity involving animals or humans alike. Technology and the internet boom has shifted the traditional sports betting arena to websites with bets being placed on sporting activities across the globe 24×7 – transcending continents, countries and currencies. This development, though lucrative to the gambler, is fraught with people ready to make a fast buck at your expense.

OnlineScam.net makes sure your, as potential sports gambler, are armed with the necessary know-how to recognize a scam and tackle any issues that may arise. Prudence and caution plays a very important role when it comes to online betting and though, not always foolproof, it is good to have some knowledge about how best to avoid online scams and frauds in order to enjoy the game in all its glory while making a few extra bucks on the side.

Health products
The internet, no doubt a boon, does have its share of banes – self-medication is, perhaps, the biggest. With the various search engines churning out answers to queries in nanoseconds, self-medication seems to have become a norm today – not just with generic medicines, but at times with serious drugs as well.

OnlineScam.net has a team of medical advisors which is well versed and in sync with the health products available in the market today. They give sound advice regarding health products which has no adverse effect on your health in any way. Self-medication is more harmful than one can ever realize and is therefore best avoided at all times. Remember, health is wealth and that should never be compromised at any point of time.


Online fraud is a harsh reality today – everyone has at some point or the other fallen prey to an online scam in one way or other – there are after all two sides to every coin. While the internet has made life easier and so much more convenient for all of us, the biggest drawback is perhaps the fraud that one encounters at various stages and aspects – any online transaction which involves money needs to be maneuvered with utmost caution.

OnlineScam.net is a boon to people involved in financial transactions with investments or entertainment. Scams and frauds are an inherent part of the internet boom and nearly impossible to do away with. Prevention is better than cure – arming yourself with the necessary know-how from people who care and know the game, is the best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

OnlineScam.net is a guide, it is, at the end of the day, your call and your decision. With transacting online, experience makes all the difference. A novice is bound to stumble and fall – this is where OnlineScam.net helps. Do your homework, study the topics well and go out and make the most of the online boom.