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24option review – Quality check

This 24Option review will be very useful to you in case you are interested in immersing yourself in the world of binary options, or if you would like to make a 24Option test and try out a new binary options broker that is a world full of advantages. 24Option’s platform has been live since 2010, and it has even been rewarded as the best trading platform in 2013 and in 2014.

As it is normally mentioned in the reviews, the perfect broker does not exist, but they do exist ideal binary options brokers, like 24Option that has nothing to do with 24Option scam and that will allow you to face many advantages and positive aspects of this 24Option binary options broker.

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Max. 88%Payout

More Pros than Cons – A world of advantages

It has been mentioned before above, the perfect broker does not exist. All you need to do when choosing a broker, apart from carrying out a good research is pay attention to the advantages and features the binary options broker has to offer.

In this case, in this 24Option review you will find out a world full of advantages, which will let you see whether this binary options broker suits your personal and trading needs or not, and it is very obvious that you will be delighted will all the benefits 24Option broker has to offer and you will not hesitate to do a 24Option test.


  • Completely regulated binary options broker – registered and regulated by CySEC

  • 100% free registration to the broker’s platform

  • User friendly interface and very easy to use

  • Wide range of assets to choose from, including the world’s most powerful currency pairs

  • 3 different types of membership: Standard account, Gold account and Platinum account

The following “cons” to be mentioned are not simple disadvantages, but specific features that 24Option, “lacks” or has chosen due to as strategy, not to offer to its clients and/or to do it in such way.


  • It does not offer the chance to make the deposit via PayPal

The brand & brokers regulation

UK 24options Logo 1It is very important to mention that 24Option is the only binary options broker with two types of important regulations.

Yes, 24Option is a broker that holds regulation from both, the EU and Securities and Exchange Commission of Cyprus (CySEC). Also, if you enter the last’s website, you will be able to get access to all the content and regulation in many languages, of course, English included. 24Options is registered in CySEC under the licence number 207/13.

At 24Option, there is no digital scam that you should worry about, in fact, if you decide to go ahead and do your 24Option test, you will feel safe and will have the necessary confidence to trade online and start earning money with 24Option

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CySEC as a CIF (Cyprus Investment Firm)
Icon CellphoneCanada, +1 514 612 0136, United Kingdom, +44 161 960 0200, South Africa, +27 10 500 8042.

The platform

24Option is one of the binary options broker with the best websites, as it has developed an amazing user friendly interface, which is very easy to use and that will not make you lose any time. When it comes to trading you should focus on the actual trades and on your own profits rather than trying to discover how you can use said website, where are the specific sections placed, which buttons you should place and more.

In addition, 24Option’s website and trading platform is available in many languages, so language will not be a barrier, and in fact, there will not be anything that will stop you from profiting with 24Option.

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Within their website you will find the Customer Service or Contact section which in fact is very useful. You can contact 24Option either by phone, email or you can easily reach them via their live chat functionality which is very useful to use and you will end up reaching the customer care representatives instantly and on the go.

24Option does also offer a great 24Option bonus to their users. This works very easy, and it means that 24Option will give a welcome 24Option bonus to their new customers. You will gain access to it once you open your account and make your first deposit of the broker’s minimum requirement of $250. But this is not it, as you will also be able to get another 24Option bonus if you recommend 24Option to a friend and he or she opens her/his binary options account with 24Option.

Mobile trading and technology

Mobile Website 24Option

The mobile website of 24Option

Nowadays it is very important to catch up with technology, as basically everything is about modern aspects and technology, and 24Option would not stay behind and that is why they have developed one of the best mobile applications for mobile trading.

This application has been adapted to the two  main operating systems, Android and iOS. Therefore, if you would like to download 24Option application, do not hesitate to enter either Google Play or the App Store from your device (mobile phone, iPad or Tablet) and download the app and start trading on the go!

All you will need is Internet connection and you will be able to trade from wherever you are, whenever you want, and barely press a button and/or touch the screen.

This application has been developed to trade binary options in a fast-paced environment, today’s world. Thanks to the application, not only you will have access to your 24Option trading platform, but also you will be able to gain immediate access to the markets tendencies and you will be able to explore what is going on in the binary options world.

TV spots and ad

24Option has not been pretty famous at its beginnings for having lots of TV spots, though this has changed in the last few years. 24Option can be found at different media and social media platforms. This popularity has even increased as nowadays 24Option if the Juventus Football Club official sponsor. This famous club is worldwide known and this makes 24Option have a better presence at world level and also allows supporting a great club as Juventus.

Different videos from 24Option can be found around the Internet, and even in the biggest video platform, YouTube. If you would like to watch some of the videos created by and about 24Option, do not hesitate to visit its website and also have a look at the different videos available at YouTube or watch this video right away.

Learning material

24Option counts with one of the biggest and most interesting and rich educational centers available at the different binary option brokers. 24Option counts with a very rich educational center where you can find three different levels of training:

Basic Aspects: these aspects include different seminars that will perfectly introduce you to the binary options world. These seminars can be watched by both, beginners and advanced, they are very interesting and will help you understand a little bit more the world of binary options and online trading.

Intermediate: thanks to these seminars you will learn and grasp the best advice, techniques and tools that will help you keep and take a step onto the next level in online trading and binary options. This way you will also be available to start developing your own strategies!

Advanced: thanks to these seminars you will be able to start trying the different strategies you have been developing and also learn from strategies of other professionals and experts. All of this will help you to improve your experience and maximize your profits.

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Max. 88%Payout


It is expected that once you have finished reading this 24Option review you count with the confidence and information to carry out and do your 24Option test. 24Option will always be available to you, their representatives from the customer care team can be reached 24/7, and in every single language, so there is no excuse: you can reach them! You will get support at all times, no matter you are a beginner or an experienced trader.

Don’t put off opening your account and doing your 24Option test, one of the best binary options brokers that will help you maximize your profits and thanks to all the options offered by 24Option you will be able to withdraw your funds as soon as possible and start enjoying all the life, freedom and peace of mind 24Option is ready to offer you. What are you waiting for? Give it a try and enjoy 24Option today!