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How to choose the best online casino in Australia

Australia has an extremely high gambling percentage in the world – it’s almost like gambling is in the Australian DNA with over 80% of the adult population resorting to gambling at one point or the other in their lives. They bet on anything, right from traditional gambling games to sports and racing events as well. In fact, gambling has been classified as a public health issue in Australia.

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The best online casinos in Australia

  • More than 400 games available
  • The payoutrate exceeds 96%
  • Sophisticated live casino
  • Licensed by MGA
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  • More than 450 games available
  • Accepts Paysafecards
  • High payoutrate that exceeds 96%
  • Progressive jackpots available
  • Loyalty rewards possible
  • Online slots guide
  • Bitcoin deposit possible
  • Cashback on losses

Find casino sites for players in Australia

Online casinos Australia are growing at a tremendous rate and especially the Australian real money online casinos. Approximately 2.3 million players are said to be enjoying online casino in Australia today and therefore service providers are pulling all stops to ensure the players of online casino in Australia are spoilt for choice with an exhaustive selection of roulette, blackjack and poker in addition to the regular table and lottery games.

Selecting an online casino based on its name alone is not enough, other factors need to be taken into consideration as well. All the above mentioned 5 online casino sites offer a good enrolment bonus, the Australian gamer can play with local currency (AUD) and last but not the least, these sites offer a wide range of Australian banking options at the time of withdrawals.


Online casinos in Australia have since long being legalised and are all bound by restrictions and laws implemented by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (“IGA”). These rules and regulations, however, are not binding for the individual players, but only on the operators and service providers.

Gambling is regulated at two levels in Australia – central as well as state governments. Following is the list of the governing bodies with regards to gambling and the areas under their jurisdiction :

  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission – Australian Capital Territory
  • Licensing Commission – Northern Territory
  • Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing – New South Wales
  • Independent Gambling Authority – South Australia
  • Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation – Queensland
  • Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation – Victoria
  • Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor – Western Australia
  • Tasmanian Gaming Commission – Tasmania

The biggest and perhaps the only drawback of the IGA for the player is that online casino sites are not regulated within Australia and as a result the player has no legal recourse in Australia in case of fraud. However, since these sites do fall under the jurisdiction of some other country, the Australian player can approach the authorities there should there be any problem.

It is, therefore, extremely important to be prudent and play on recommended and reputable sites only. We would like to mention that the taxation rules are extremely favourable in Australia as gambling is considered a recreational activity and prize moneys are therefore exempt from taxes.

The most played and popular Australian online casinos have been found to be roulette (Australian online casino free spins), poker and the slot machines. People seem to be enjoying spinning the roulette wheel or shuffling a deck of cards or even the sweet sounds of a slot machine jingle from the comforts of their homes through their laptops, tablets or even mobile phones – most of the Australian online mobile casinos no deposit bonus makes mobile casinos even more lucrative.

Guinness Book of World Record

Big wins are no longer reserved only for brick and mortar casinos. People have enjoyed BIG wins at online casinos – turning regular players into millionaires from the comforts of their homes. Based on the latest payout figures, following are the top 4 paying Australian online casinos :

Mega Fortune world record jackpot: Net Entertainment’s Progressive Jackpot Pokies Game, Mega Fortune is based on a theme of lavish living. The game has seen many big winners, but none has been as big a winner as a 47 year old gentleman from Helsinki who struck a jackpot to a massive tune of $22,974,400 on Mega Fortune. A win that not only made him an instant multi-millionaire but also a world record holder.

The win made it to the Guinness Book of World Record and stands unbeaten to date. What makes this jackpot a jaw-dropping event is that fact that it was won with a wager of only €0.25. The Touch Mobile Version of Mega Fortune also has the big jackpot of 5.7 Million Euros against its name.

Mega Moolah: This otherwise average online poker game has recorded more big wins than any other virtual slot game. Mega Moolah has recently recorded the biggest jackpot of $7.6 million at a mobile casino – the player was playing on his smartphone. This jackpot remains unbeaten to date. The biggest Mega Moolah win of $11.24 million dates back to December 2012.

Arabian Nights Slot Records: Released by NetEnt in 2005 Arabian Nights’ has paid out countless wins, the biggest one recorded to the tune of $2 million mark. Since its release, Arabian Nights has recorded a jackpot win almost every 14 weeks. The biggest recoded win to date has been to the tune of AUD 6.9 million.

Major Millions Major Prize Winners: This is another micro-gaming progressive jackpot slot game responsible for turning the fortunes of many a player from across the world. The biggest Major Millions win dates back to 2012, with a player winning to the tune of $1,801,517. On an average, a major jackpot can be seen on Major Millions every 10 weeks with an average prize money of approximately $500,000. The game does not boasts of any fancy graphics, but more than makes up for in its big wins.

Good to know
We cannot stress the importance of reading all the conditions and fine print related to payment options before signing up at an online casino enough. If you do not understand anything, please contact the customer service and clear all your doubts before initiating any payment.

Payments and withdrawals

After creating your account on any of the Australian online casinos, you need to make an initial deposit in your gaming account. This is one of the biggest hurdles for new online gamer as they are rather apprehensive about virtually disclosing their personal details in order to move cash in and out of their accounts.

The Australian online gambler has 3 available payment options, viz. Credit cards, online payment processors and bank transfers. The benefits and drawbacks of each one of them is as follows :

Selection of payment methods

Selection of the payment methods

Credit Cards: Credit card payment is the best option for those who have them. Credit cards are the fastest in terms of time for both deposits as well withdrawals. The processing fees for the in-and-out payments is the lowest in comparison as well. However, it is important to note that you are taking out a line of credit to make a deposit and need to consider the fees payment to the credit card company. Some of the online casinos do offer deposit bonuses for payments made through credit cards.

Bank Transfer: With bank transfers you can send money directly from your account to the service provider’s account without the assistance of a middleman, thereby keeping your financial information as private as possible. Though the process is slightly cumbersome the first time around as you need to fill up the account details, etc, its rather simple and quick thereafter.

Though there are no middlemen, you need to take into account fees which your bank is likely to charge you for the transfer – these fees are usually higher than those charged by credit card companies. Another drawback of payment through bank transfer is the time taken to process the request at both ends – at your bank as well as the service provider’s bank.

eWallets: eWallets are becoming more and more popular today for their convenience and ease in funding them. Some of the most widely used e-wallet options by the Australian players are Click2Pay, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), Ukash, Neteller, and Paysafe Card. Payments made using eWallets, like the credit cards are instantaneous and allows the player access to the games immediately.

Since eWallets have a minimum deposit cap (which at times is as low as AUD 15-20), players find it rather beneficial as compared to a credit card or bank transfer. On the other hand, however, e-wallets do not allow large deposits, so big players prefer to use their credit cards or direct bank transfers.

Be aware of overspending habits

Each player is different and you cannot benefit from another player’s experience and nor should you try and ape another player’s MO. Remember, it’s your hard earned money on the line – winning is good, but losing at times, is a reality too.

Online casinos in Australia are scheduled for a complete overhaul, with the government coming down heavily on illegal operators and amending the existing laws related to gambling. These changes are bound to help the Australian online gambler and make his online gambling experience even more memorable.

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