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Bovada casino review: What users can expect

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The website of the casino

For the last couple of years Bovada casino has been providing their members with the ultimate in online gaming experiences, they simply have no serious competition in the market. The simple fact of the matter is that hundreds of thousands of gamblers have been enjoying the supreme gaming entertainment which has been provided by Bovada casino.

Those membership numbers have been growing steadily over the years and even people which are not so much into gambling are constantly returning because they have come to rely on the reputation of Bovada casino. Naturally Bovada casino are very proud of their reputation and everything which is been achieved over the years.

Over 4 billion spins taken place so far

Company Information
Name: Bovada
Regulation: Kahnawake Gaming Commission
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-263-0000
Live-Chat: Available

Bovada casino has become a haven for many gamblers as the casino was always able to provide a very enjoyable gambling experience. The casino have seen remarkable success on their Bovada blackjack tables and this game has continued to be one of the major attractions at Bovada casino. Well over 1,000,000 pounds of that blackjack been played and that number is increasing sharply with every passing month.

Likewise the slot games at Bovada casino continues to be extremely popular and slots has always been the number one attraction especially for people who may not be skilled in other forms of gambling such as table games and this is because slots requires only basic gambling experience. According to carefully maintain statistics over 4 billion spins has taken place since the inception of Bovada casino.

Any gambler will agree that this is a remarkable achievement. Because of the popularity of our slots we are more than eager to comply with requests from supporters, to look at how our slot machines can be increased. This is why over the last couple of years our slot machines have doubled in numbers and we are constantly looking for even more exciting and better solutions which could be presented to our loyal supporters.

No one can argue with statistics and when those are carefully analyzed people will quickly see that almost 500,000,000 bets have been placed in Bovada sportsbook alone which is another indication of how popular Bovada has become in recent years.

Many people are concerned about casino licensing and therefore these people should know that Bovada casino operates in Canada where they are actually owned by Meadway leisure Limited and they have a gaming license which has been issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. For all purposes therefore they are operating legally under international law and they fully comply with all of the rules and guidelines which has been set forth by Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

A very small picture of the Bovada website

The Bovada Casino website
Just look at the left hand side to find the desired games. There are various categories to choose from.

This is the registration screen at Bovada

Registration formular at Bovada
The registration at Bovada doesn´t differ much from other brands. Just fill in the form and send it.

A small selection of the available Bovada games

Some available games at the Bovada Casino.
This online casino offers a wide range of various games. In total more than 100 games.

Blackjack as a flagship

UK Slotgames Bovada 1

Selection of the slot games at

According to experts in the gambling industry, Bovada is at least 10 times larger than any other competitor in the US market and even more remarkable they still manage to process payouts significantly faster than any of the competition, as in the case of Bovada live. Likewise in the area of customer service their ranking is considerably higher than any of the competition and likewise the frequent promotions is extremely popular in this country.

The numbers speak for themselves and according to statistics Bovada has more than 3.4 million visitors each month which is more than 10 times the amount of visitors which is received by their nearest competition. When it comes to slot machines Bovada casino once again seems to be able to get things just right for all of their loyal supporters. They offer a wide range of very exciting slot machine games such as:

  • A night with Cleo
  • Koi garden
  • Star Jewels
  • Five reel circus
  • Eight Lucky charms
  • A day at the Derby
  • All aboard and many other exciting titles.

Excellent bonus system for beginners

Every new member will qualify for Bovada bonuses automatically when they sign up and they do not need a Bovada bonus code to enjoy those benefits. Bovada has an excellent bonus system for beginners and such a bonus will be valid for 60 days after you joined and have made your first deposit. During that 60 days you can do whatever you want with your bonus.

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The reasons for this kind of leniency is because Bovada caters for a very extensive audience and therefore it’s in everyone’s interest when welcome bonuses is kept as simple and easy to use as possible. There is more information available on the website which will clarify everything relating to Bovada bonuses and it will require at least a basic understanding of those conditions, to make the best of your bonus.

Software created by Realtime gaming and Betsoft

According to experts, non US companies have the highest quality of software in the gambling industry but among gaming companies in the US Bovada simply have no competition. This also applies to the mobile casino service offered by Bovada where all of your popular games can be played regardless of where you may find yourself. Software which is used by Bovada is those which have been created by Realtime gaming and also by Betsoft software.

Most casino owners and gamblers agree that Realtime gaming is one of the best in the industry. Bovada casino games has excellent graphics, the games are user-friendly and Bovada has just over hundred slot machine games, they also have about 30 different variations of video poker, there is at least six variations of blackjack and also approximately 40 other popular casino games. There is simply more than enough to keep most gamblers happy for many hours and even days.

For those who have been victims of casinos with poor security, they will be happy to learn that security is one of the highest priorities at Bovada casino. However there is still a lot which could be done by members to increase their personal security. This is why Bovada casino strongly advise all members, never to open dubious emails and under no circumstances should they ever follow links which is provided by unknown sources.

It is also extremely important for Bovada casino members to regularly clear their browser history so that no one will have any hint of which websites you are visiting. Members should always ensure that their security settings is suitable under all browsing conditions.

Bovada casino encourages payments via credit card

All of the reputable financial institutions are supported such as Visa, Moneygram and several others. Bovada casino advise their members to make use of credit cards for deposits because this is without a doubt the fastest payment method.

In this regard a visa credit card will be the best and it should be suitable for both online and international purchases. There are sometimes respectable cards from large institutions which still is causing a lot of problems resulting in a situation where deposits may not clear.

And this situation is especially experienced when it comes to gambling and related deposits. Netspend is another card which has been performing very well over the last couple of years but there are other credit cards which should rather be avoided when it comes to gambling transactions. Members should take the time to research all of the available payment options and then make a well-informed decision about which one is going to work best in their particular situation.

Nearly no difference between Mobile and Desktop casino

Every respectable casino all over the planet has by now realized the importance of the very fast growing mobile platform. This is why Bovada casino has their own very successful mobile casino. The benefits to casino members is obvious since they are now able to play their most popular casino games where ever they may find themselves.

With Bovada mobile casino you are able to deposit money from your mobile smartphone, using the Bovada app and you place bets and do anything just like you would when playing online casino. In fact it is possible to sign up for Bovada mobile casino from your smartphone since all you have to do is to visit the Bovada casino website and select join in the top left corner. The registration process is quick and easy and likewise making a deposit is a very straightforward process.

Complaints are taken seriously

Most gamblers are in complete agreement that without professional customer support, no casino will ever be successful with in the gambling industry. Gamblers simply need to know that their concerns and complaints are taken seriously by casinos before they will be tempted to apply for membership. This is exactly why Bovada casino have one of the best consumer support systems in the gambling industry. Regardless of the problems which may be encountered, support staff will mostly find a solution very quickly.

Increasing membership numbers

Statistics and consumer reviews can not lie and based on these factors it can be safely accepted that Bovada casino is still one of the best gaming organizations within the industry. At the very least Bovada casino should be investigated by serious gamblers and once some time has been spent at this casino a few factors will become very clear and that is the fact that Bovada casino has been performing exceptionally well over the last couple of years and this is the reason for increasing membership numbers because people are continually exposed to a gaming experience which is of an outstanding quality.

I rarely seen such good promotions. But that´s not all. What I also liked was the big selection of various games.

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