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How to find the right Online Casino in Canada

The natives of Canada have been gambling since time immemorial. However, as there were no dice and cards in those days, pebbles and sticks were used instead. Fast forward to almost 3 decades after its formation, the Canadian government passed an act to ban gambling in totality. However, due to the rather lenient outlook towards gambling by the neighboring USA, the Canadian government was forced to concede with respect to the gambling ban and in year 1900 bingo and raffles were permitted albeit only for charity.

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Down the years, with the changing mindset of the people, the government saw tremendous potential and profit in allowing state run lotteries to fund special projects (which holds true for some of the lotteries even today). Gradually provinces were given permissions to run lotteries, horse races and even casinos. Today almost every province has a casino and the numbers seem to be growing.

What to look out for?

A whole lot of factors go into making of a good online casino ca, viz, the no deposit bonus, the welcome bonus, special offers, quality of the gaming software, customer support, payment and withdrawal options, licensing authority, user friendly website, etc.

Regulation in Canada: – Canada has been very strict with regards gambling. The 1970s saw a lot of changes being introduced resulting in relaxed rules and regulations for gambling – the Canadian provinces were now allowed to open various kinds of “gambling houses” in their regions, resulting in the opening of a number of land based casinos across the country. State run lotteries were introduced and are still very popular.

Online gambling laws are a little vague in Canada: -“vague” because some of the provinces run their own online casinos and placing your bets on these sites are legal and so is buying lottery tickets on these provincial online casinos. An online casino Ca cannot offer any kind of services to the Canadian citizens without government approvals. However, there is a loophole – Canadians can gamble on online casinos which are based and operate outside the Canadian jurisdiction as long as gambling is legal where they such operators are based.

Having said that, no Canadian player has been prosecuted to date for gambling online. The Criminal Code which dictates the legalities and regulations with regards to gambling sites is currently being studied and revised to adapt to the current trends. A good sign for Canadian online players as the government might just about have clear cut laws and rules to cover not only the online, but also the land based casinos in the country, thereby making the online casino Canada legal.

The most played and popular online games in Canada have been found to be roulette, poker and the slot machines. Due to the unclear laws regarding online casinos, Canadian citizens are forced to play on sites which are not based in Canada. However, as is the case with the rest of the world, what attracts a player over and over again to a particular online casino appears to be the bonus being offered, ease of payment and withdrawal and a 24×7 support system.

With the innovation of mobile online casinos, players have the freedom of taking their favorite online casino wherever they go. These games are designed especially for mobile phones making your online casino experiences as grand as they have always been.

Where are the biggest Jackpots?

Gambling, though just a form of entertainment, the prize money and more importantly the jackpot to be won plays a very significant role in attracting the players. Everyone likes to win and win big. Recently a lady won a massive jackpot of over $ 3 million on Golden Tiger. The operators flew the winner all the way from Canada to Sydney, Australia to collect the prize money and enjoy Sydney’s hospitality at their expense.

Good to know
Today innumerable online casinos have settled in the Canadian cyber space. Online casinos have entered the homes of the people and by the looks of it, they are here to stay. Online casinos have, in fact, spiked people’s interest in the brick and mortar casinos. Canadians are spending billions of dollars on online gambling – it’s almost like everyone wants to taste the proverbial forbidden fruit.

Payment methods and potential fees

A quick and speedy payment method is one thing that all the operators strive to offer their players. With online casinos the payments obviously have to be online too and in the current scenario of online fraud and phishing, submitting your financial and personal details can be quite a deterrent. The online casino operators do their best to allay these fears to make your online gaming experience as pleasant as possible.

The Canadian online player has a choice of paying through credit/debit cards, e-wallets or direct bank transfers. Following are some of the pros and cons of the said payment methods :

3 logo mastercadCredit Card: Credit card payment is the fastest and easiest method for those who have a credit card. However, it is important to remember that while making a payment through the credit card, you are drawing a line of credit on an existing credit and therefore the interest rate payable needs to be considered as well.

Bank Transfers: With bank transfers you can transfer the casino fees directly from your bank account to the operator’s account. Here your personal financial data is kept as private as possible. It is only the first time that a bank transfer may be cumbersome as you need to fill up details like name, account number, etc, but the next transfer onwards, there is no problem at all.

The only drawback of this payment method are the fees that your bank may charge you – these fees are rather high as compared to the credit cards. Another factor that needs to be considered is the time required by the bank to process the payment. Bank transfers unlike credit card payments are not effected immediately and hence if you wish to start playing as soon as you make the payment, then this is not the method you should opt for.

3 logo skrille-Wallets: e-Wallets have gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of years owing to their convenience and the ease with which they can be funded. Some of the most popular e-Wallets available to the Canadian people are Canada PayPal, or Neteller, Pay By Phone, EcoCard, etc. Payments made via e-Wallets are instantaneous just like the credit cards and hence players prefer these two methods to bank transfers. However, it is important to remember that e-Wallets almost always have a cap on maximum deposits and that acts as a deterrent as far as big players go.

Payment modes need to be safe and secure and that is what counts at the end of the day. They need to protect and safeguard your identity and financial details and should always be the case. It is also advisable to read all the conditions and the fine print related to payment and withdrawal options prior to registering at an online casino. Should you not understand anything or have any doubts concerning any of the conditions, please get them cleared by the customer service before making any payment.


The Canadian government currently does not have a central body to regulate the gambling industry – land based or online. Each province has been given the power to decide and take a call whether they wish to allow casinos or not. In fact Quebec was the first Canadian province to grant licences to gambling houses. Other states seem to be following suit and relaxing their gambling laws in order to make the most of the economic gain from the gambling industry.

The current gray area with regards to the legal status of the online casinos could create problems for the Canadian players as they might find themselves in legal trouble if the government decides to ban gambling all together.

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