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1 UK Jackpot City Logo 3 $1600 Bonus Review
2 UK Ruby Fortune Casino Logo 3 $750 Bonus neteller Review
3 UK Spin Palace Casino Logo 3 $1000 Bonus Review
4 UK Gaming Club Casino Logo 3 $350 Bonus Review
5 UK Platinum Play Casino Logo 3 $1000 Bonus Review

Casino credit card – Where to use them?

Anyone who is in possession of a credit card and who uses this credit card to pay for services or goods is actually borrowing that money from their financial institution, who has issued them with that credit card. It should also be understood that financial institutions charge interest on these transactions. There are however some casino credit cards who has substantial benefits such as a completely interest-free period of as much as 59 days.

In which simply means that if you are managing your finances correctly by paying your debts each month then you will not be required to pay any interest on that credit card. This is why these services are used very widely especially by members of online casinos because it makes the issue of deposits easier and also withdrawals more secure.

Here VISA, Mastercard etc. are accepted

The most important objective for online gamblers will always be the issue of security deposits and there are many financial institutions which are able to provide casino members with reputable services such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa and many others. This kind of financial services has become one of the most popular and most frequently used methods to deposit money at any online casino, not only locally but also abroad.

There are very few casinos who does not support reputable credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa regardless of whether those cards are used for deposits or withdrawals. In fact there are so many financial institutions around today and this can make it somewhat confusing for gamblers to make a final decision about which financial institution may be the most suitable for their individual needs.

This is exactly why online reviews has become an excellent source of information where many credit card users have posted their own personal views as far as these financial services is concerned and reading through that reviews can really help people to gain a better understanding of all the different financial services which is available. There can be no doubt that using credit cards are definitely the best way to simplify the issue of online payments.

  • Most credit cards are acceptable to a large number of online casinos.
  • The depositing process as well as the withdrawal process is quick and easy even with large amounts.
  • Credit cards are incredibly safe and secure and users enjoy top-notch protection.

There is a long list of casinos which are actively supporting the use of credit cards such as:

  • Jackpot City
  • Spin Palace
  • Ruby Fortune
  • Betway casino
  • Lucky 247
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UK Jackpot City Logo 1

Max. $ 1600 Bonus

Pros and cons

Many financial experts are in complete agreement that credit cards can be very destructive in the wrong hands, although there are certainly also substantial benefits when a person has access to such a credit card. It has happened millions of times in the past where people has gotten themselves into serious financial problems often leading to complete financial ruin which also had a terrible impact on their families.

There are tremendous benefits associated with credit cards but people should always use those benefits responsibly. It seems that a large number of people have never been properly educated when it comes to the proper use of credit cards and also how to manage that debt which has been incurred. The following graphic, however, does not only show the benefits but also the disadvantages of the credit cards.

logo element visa-mastercard
  • They are reputable organisations

  • The organisations have high standards

  • The organisations are experienced

  • Some players dont want to pay fees

  • Transactions take some days

  • Players borrow money to gamble

On the positive side casino credit card can provide a person with tremendous purchasing power not just locally but also abroad. The money which has been used can be repaid over an extended periods of time in accordance with the ability of the debtor to repay that money. Making use of a credit card is actually an excellent way to establish a healthy credit record which could actually be beneficial when applying for a mortgage or vehicle finance. Credit cards are also excellent in the event of an emergency when funds may be required immediately. Credit cards are also known for their ability to protect users against possible fraud.

On the negative side many financial institutions can charge exorbitant fees on that money which has been borrowed. If proper care is not taken this can result in a situation where a credit cardholder actually loses control over their finances. Late payments are punished very severely and therefore it’s important to manage that credit card very carefully. Credit cards simply makes it easy for people to spend unnecessary amounts of money and if that situation is allowed to continue, the impact on your credit score can be extremely negative and you may simply no longer be able to qualify for further financial assistance.

How to pay and make a withdrawal

Making payments with your credit card online is accomplished by going to that credit card tab, then select credit card payment and then proceed to make the payment using your banking account. It may even be possible to transfer funds electronically from other bank accounts to your credit card but this process could possibly differ from one financial institution to another.

Many people are curious to know whether they might be able to withdraw money from their credit cards in an emergency situation. Doing so is certainly possible and in fact many credit cards have a cash advance option which is made available to those account holders who has an excellent credit record and because of this these people might be able to withdraw money from their credit cards.

Alternative payment methods

A large number of alternative payment methods have emerged over the last couple of years and many of them has been provided because of the need to solve many of the online money transferring methods. Some of the available payment systems are PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe, Neteller and several other payment solutions which has become especially popular among members of online casinos.


New and secure online payment methods are implemented on a regular basis, however credit cards has remained one of the most popular options among many people and especially those who are frequently transferring large sums of money online. Millions of gamblers make use of credit cards solutions in order to ensure safe deposits into their casino accounts.


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