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Neteller Casinos – These are the sites accept it

Neteller has been around since 1999 and this is an online payment system which is not only operated but also owned by a public traded company known as Optimal Payments PLC. This company was originally from Canada but it was relocated to the Isle of Man and that places the Neteller system under the regulations and the rules of United Kingdom financial services Authority.

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Neteller is similar to e-wallet and it functions much the same way as PayPal which allows users to create a Neteller account and then this account can be used for a whole range of beneficial transactions. Money can be transferred from the bank account of the user into their Neteller account and this service is 100% free.

Best online casinos that accept the method

Several online gamling sites have entered into partnerships with Neteller and this has allowed members of those casinos to significantly simplify the process when depositing funds or when making withdrawals. The list of casinos include the following gambling organizations:

  • BGO
  • NetBet
  • Slotsmagic
  • Casino Room
  • Casumo
  • Casino.com
  • Dasist Casino
  • Leo Vegas
  • Ikibu

There can be no doubt that Neteller membership can be extremely beneficial for any gambler since it makes the online gambling experience so much more enjoyable and secure. The first step will be to create a Neteller account and once that is been accomplished, any of the above casinos will be accessible to the gambler with the minimum amount of fuss when it comes to financial transfers. In fact once you have a Neteller account you will find that a whole range of gambling opportunities opens up to you because of the popularity of Neteller which ensures secure and fast payments of money.

As far as casino bonuses are concerned, gamblers will be excited to learn that you can claim Neteller casinos bonuses and the process is the same as the one which will apply when you collect deposit bonuses or the bonuses earned by other payment methods. The advantage of Neteller that both deposits and withdrawals is instantly processed mostly in a couple of hours and this allows gamblers to collect their bonuses a lot quicker than would have been possible with other payment methods.

All of the benefits of Neteller will also apply to mobile casino deposits especially if that money is deposited with a Neteller partner casino. With the proper support it is entirely possible to make quick and easy Neteller deposits and withdrawals from just about any supported mobile device.

Pros and Cons

Absolutely every transaction system on this planet, such as credit cards has some very obvious benefits, but more often than not there are also some downsides to that system, as shown in the following.

  • It allows for simple, secure and easy transfer of funds to and from the casino of your choice.
  • It is similar to PayPal but significantly more favorable towards casino transactions.
  • It is relatively simple and easy to become a member of Neteller.
  • Other financial institutions will reject out of hand membership for the purpose of gambling.
  • Other institutions consider gambling a high risk transaction.
  • Neteller will never declines any transaction from a casino.

The most obvious drawbacks are:

  • There is a minimal transaction fee similar to those charged by other financial services.
  • These are slightly higher than the ones which are charged by banks or credit card companies.
  • Neteller does not issue loans.


Neteller is available for just about anyone, but the first step is to actually open an account and in order to accomplish this, an applicant should visit the Neteller website where there will be an application button. The following personal information will be needed such as a email address and also the region in which you are residing.

Furthermore you will have to state what your currency preferences are and you also need to provide your first and last names followed by your address. Neteller will also require your date of birth, your gender and then you will have to choose a password for your account as well as a few security questions and answers.

After the above steps has been completed you will have to make some kind of deposit. Deposits can be charged to your credit card or Skrill but it is also possible to do with bank transfer to your Neteller account. Now that you actually have funds in your Neteller account you can basically transfer that money anywhere you wish including to the online casino of your choice.

Good to know
Anyone who was ever transfer money over the Internet, will be fully aware that those methods of transfer can sometimes present people with unexpected problems which can be very difficult and in some cases impossible to effectively resolve. This is exactly why Neteller has become the preferred option especially for members of online casino because of the seamless integration with their casino membership. Thousands of casino and Neteller members have already enjoyed the benefits which is provided by Neteller membership.

The payment method seeks to fill up the void between banks and casinos

Obviously if you are able to transfer money painlessly from your credit card account to your casino account, then you will not need to be in possession of a Neteller account, but unfortunately a large number of financial institutions are simply not favorably inclined towards gambling institutions and in many cases they discriminate right against online casinos and gamblers and this can turn into a problem for individual gamblers who may only be looking for a pain-free solution when they deposit or withdraw money from their casino account. This is why Neteller has become so popular because they seek to fill up the void between banks and casinos and most Neteller account holders are very pleased with this arrangement.

High level of security at Neteller

The primary concern when transferring money over the Internet is always security and the need to have those transactions processed as quickly as possible. It is exactly for this reason that Neteller has emerged as the one-stop solution for members of online casinos because deposits and withdrawals have become so much easier once Neteller membership has been obtained.

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