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Pay by Phone Casinos – A guide to find the best ones

The first online casino was launched by Internet Casinos, Inc in 1995 and the iGaming has not looked back since. Nobody can deny the massive human use of the mobile phones today – people are always on the move and the mobile phones, tablets and/or iPads move with them.

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The iGaming software developers having recognized this are going all out to cater to the mobile gaming segment. Games are being developed especially for the mobiles now and the gamers could not be happier.

Casinos route the payments through Payforit

Onlinescam.net keeps your safety in mind and sometimes that means to provide even unpleasant information. Every gamer dreads making an online payment to the designated casino account due to the rampant increase in cybercrime and identity theft. However, at Pay by Phone casinos there is no need to submit your financial details to anybody. No doubt, you are required to fill in your personal details at any casino, but by opting for the Pay by Phone payment mode, your financial details need not be divulged at all.

Pay by Phone casinos route the payments through Payforit – you need to simply fill in your mobile number along with the approval code received via SMS and the amount gets credited to your casino account. The same amount is billed to you through your next monthly mobile bill.

Going through the Pros and Cons

The Pay by Phone mode of payment seems to have taken the online casino world by storm. It is undoubtedly a great way to fund your casino account, but you need to consider both the pros as well as the cons before opting for this payment method.


  • Pay by Phone is a very easy and convenient way of depositing money in your casino account from your iPhone as well as an Android handset.
  • You don´t need new online accounts as the deposit amount gets added to your next mobile bill.
  • Pay by Phone casinos have a daily deposit limit – this helps you control your spending.
  • This is very secure mode of payment as you do not have to submit bank or credit card details at all.
  • You get to enjoy a credit facility without having to pay any additional interest.


  • The single biggest drawback of the Pay by Phone method is that it only allows deposits and you have to opt for another payment method at the time of withdrawals.
  • This payment method is not popular amongst the high rollers due to the daily deposit limits.

Pay by Phone method is available across the globe, excluding the USA. In other countries they have collaborated with leading cellular operators to make this service available to as many online gamers as possible.

How to deposit and withdraw?

The Pay by Phone casinos are the latest craze amongst the online casino players as its payment method allows them the liberty of using their mobile phones to fund their casino accounts while keeping their personal and financial data private. Depositing money via this method is rather simple.

Once you have selected an online casino, you need to go to cashiers page and choose the Pay by Phone option – choose the amount of money to be deposited and once you click on continue, you will be directed to the Payforit page where you need to fill in your mobile details.

Once the transaction has been approved, the credit is reflected in your casino account and you can start playing. The deposit amount gets added to your next monthly mobile phone bill. As far as withdrawals are concerned, it is still not possible to do so by this method. In order to withdraw your winnings, you have to submit either your bank account or credit card details. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of this payment method.

Good to know
While selecting an online gambling site, as a player, you are bound to consider all the factors like the welcome bonus, free games/free spins. However, you need to take into account the safety factors as well, especially as far as the payments are concerned. Pay by Phone casinos have started offering these services as a result of these concerns – this is an extremely user friendly, safe and secure mode of payment.

Are there any comparable alternatives for casino payments?

The Pay by Phone payment method is offered by almost every online casino today, there is an upper limit to how much you can deposit through this method per day and hence this payment method is not popular amongst the high rollers. Some of the alternative payment methods available to deposit money into your online casino account are:

logo bank transferDirect Bank Transfers: The oldest and perhaps the safest method of transferring funds to your Pay by Phone casino account. Though time consuming for the first deposit owing to the account details that need to be furnished, direct bank transfers can be advised at any time of the day from your mobiles or desktops. Since you can transfer only how much cash is available in your account, this method helps keep a check on your spending as well.

Banks do not have an upper limit and therefore this method of payment is quite popular amongst the high rollers. The only hitch is the processing time required by bank to credit your casino account – different banks have different time schedules and this at times could be a deterrent.

Credit/Debit Cards: Funding your online casino account via your credit/debit card (you find more information about this specific topic here) is the most convenient and easiest method as almost everyone has either a credit or a debit card now-a-days. Once again, you cannot exceed your credit limit in the case of credit cards and nor can you transfer a higher amount than what is available in your bank account if you opt for using your debit card.

That being said, payments made by this method are immediate and safe. Before transferring funds to your online casino account, it is important to check if your card has an international payment option. However, please note that you cannot withdraw to either of these cards. Withdrawals will either be by a check sent to your registered address or a direct bank transfer done by the casino to your bank account. Master, AmEx and VISA are the three most popular and commonly used and accepted credit/debit cards around the world

3 logo skrilleWallets: eWallets are mobile wallets where you can store and easily access money whenever you need it. As it is an internet based concept, its popularity has grown tremendously over the years with the ever expanding internet shopping boom. Opening an eWallet account is hassle free and does not require countless forms to be filled in.

You can start funding you eWallet as soon as you open the account as well as start making payments/transferring money from your eWallet to other accounts without losing any time. However, some of the eWallets are quite apprehensive about making payments to gambling sites and even receiving credits from them. It is therefore advisable to verify whether your eWallet allows payments to or withdrawals from your online casino. PayPal, Skirll, Neteller are some of the most popular eWallets in use across the globe today.

Relatively simple payment method

In comparison to the other payment methods, the Pay by Phone method is relatively simple, easy and secure. Withdrawal is still a problem, but with the tremendous growth of the mobile phone industry and the gamers who prefer to play at online casinos on the go, service providers of this payment method will soon find a way around this hurdle taking the iGaming sector soaring to new heights.

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