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Best payouts online casino sites reviewed

When it comes to determining the best paying online casinos, the objectives are obvious, the more the casino pay percentagewise, the greater is the benefit to the members of the casino. This is why some of the most reputable online casinos will have a payout percentage of at least 96% and better with some of them paying out as much as 98%.

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The reality for online gamblers is that they are using their hard earned money and it is their responsibility to ensure that they will generate the most bang for their buck. This is why extensive research is very important in order to determine for yourself which online casinos have clearly demonstrated that they have the interest of their members foremost in their hearts.

The good will of any online casino is best demonstrated by a very high payout percentage. In this regard one of the best and most reliable statistics available will always be the average percentage best payouts online casino. This percentage is carefully monitored by experts such as eCOGRA, provides general information about the workfields of such organizations) and their  and these percentages basically reflect the amount of gamblers winnings versus the amount of money which was wagered during a predetermined amount of time.

All you need to know about bank transfers

Naturally when gambling at an online casino, a casino to be among the best payout casinos, the casino members need to be able to place deposits into that casino account and one way in which this can be accomplished is not only via Paypal but through bank transfers also known as wire transfers, as well.

In fact these very popular wire transfers are one of the most widely used methods when it comes to electronic money transfers which can be used to transfer money from one person to another or even to a business or corporation. In some cases these kind of wire transfers are made from one bank account to another by using an actual cash transfer at a dedicated cash office which exist for that purpose.

Wire transfers are simply a method where finances are transferred from one account to another and this is done through a process where an electronic transfer is done from one bank account to another. Over the last couple of years wire transfers has decreased in popularity and this is because of more modern methods such as credit or debit cards, E wallets and a whole range of sophisticated payment software as well as other financial products and many of these things are especially useful when making deposits in online casino accounts.

There are some reputable financial institutions who will provide account holders with customized wire transfer options which may be significantly better suited to the particular needs of that account holder. Different rules will apply to those wire transfers depending on how much money is sent, how often and also the cost of those wire transfers.

In some cases wire transfers can be initiated by an account holder simply by using phone banking, account holders can also visit the financial institution and make a transfer request in person or alternatively they can use online banking. In every case such a wire transfer is always initiated by the account holder and when that transfer is authorized by the bank, the money will proceed to the destination account which in the case of online gamblers will be their casino account.

There are still a few things to remember when it comes to wire transfers and that is simply that just because the account holder has initiated the process, does not necessarily mean that the transaction has been completed. However once such a wire transfer has been completed by your financial institution, those wire transfers cannot be reversed. Should any problems be encountered, the only way in which to have that money refunded is to ask the person who has received that money for a refund.

Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Debit Cards and casinos

Many online gamblers have found out the hard way that many online casinos do not support credit cards ( and it often happens that those credit cards are rejected by online casinos. This can be very frustrating especially when the gambler has no other alternatives available to them at that point in time. The only alternative will be to find a casino which is willing to accept your brand of credit card.

There is actually a substantial number of online casinos who are more than willing to accommodate gamblers who are in possession of prepaid credit cards and the difference between these cards and normal credit cards is simply that these cards has a very specific limit which is simply the amount of cash which has been loaded into that card before using that card for an online casino deposit.

Any person who are in possession of such a prepaid credit card, which a paysafecard is for example, should have no problem at all to use that card for casino deposits especially at online casinos which are willing to except this payment method.However, not everyone is used to this method and does not know about the advantages and disadvantages of the method.

There are several casinos which are willing to accept prepaid credit cards such as:

  • Lucky red casino
  • Club World Casino
  • High noon casino
  • Manhattan slots
  • Las Vegas
  • Club USA Casino

Besides credit cards, there is also a number of casinos who will accept debit card payments. This is another very easy way to deposit money into your online casino account and in this regard Visa is considered to be the best and the most widely accepted card. When applying for such a debit card (, it is important to ensure that the card can be used for both international as well as for online purchases.

When making use of an accepted debit card, the money which has been deposited is instantly available in your casino account. Furthermore casinos which accept debit cards charge extremely low fees when it comes to debit card deposits and this method of deposit making is also one of the easiest methods when transferring money.

All you need to know about E-wallets and gambling sites

3 logo skrillBecause of the frequent occurring of online fraud many people are justified in having concerns about the sharing of banking details online. Although there has been significant progress in the area of online payments and even though most of these systems are completely secure, fraud is still a concern for many.

It is especially when banking details are used frequently, the chances of fraud seems to increase substantially and this is why frequent transactions which requires you to share information should be avoided at all cost.

This is exactly why eWallet has become so popular because it solves the problem of repeatedly sharing personal details. This payment system provides users with an alternative identification when they transfer money by using an eWallet, such as Skrill (

This payment system has proven itself to be perfect when it comes to online casino deposits and when using this system it is entirely possible to make both deposits and withdrawals and such transactions are processed very quickly. Everyone knows that wire transfers can take a relatively long time to be processed but these delays can be avoided by using eWallet.

Security of payment methods

Many people have become victims of online fraud over the last couple of years and this is why most people have come to understand that your chances of becoming a victim, increases the more you share your personal information online.

This is why alternative payment processes which is able to eliminate the sharing of information has proven themselves to be substantially more secure because the unnecessary sharing of information is no longer necessary making this payment method significantly more secure than any other method of transfer.

This is why people who are frequently required to transfer money from their account to someone else’s account should take the time to research alternative payment methods and this will especially apply to casino members who desire to make safe and secure deposits into their casino account.

Good to know
Any gambler who may be interested in bank wire deposits specifically for use in their online casino account should therefore have at least some basic knowledge regarding wire transfers. Any experienced gambler or business person will be able to tell you that there are many benefits and also some downsides to wire transfers and it is actually one of the oldest ways to use when transferring money from one account to another. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method?

Information about the costs and fees

3 logo visaThe various financial institutions each have rates which slightly vary depending on the specific service which is offered to their customers. Likewise online casinos my also charge a minimal fee when deposits is made via credit or debit cards, such as VISA.

In most cases bank transfers are treated somewhat differently and some money transfers will be significantly more expensive than others and especially international transfers can be very costly. Also outgoing transfers is also more expensive than incoming transfers and these factors will have to be considered when these methods are used.

Wide range of methods

There are many options available to gambling enthusiasts and likewise there are many casinos who will go out of their way to accommodate people and many of them will support a whole range of payment methods in order to make it as easy as possible for casino members to make both deposits and instant withdrawal casino processes. Some casinos and financial institutions have proven themselves to be more user-friendly and accommodating than others and some research may be required to find those services best suitable to your individual needs.

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