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A complete guide to find the best PaySafeCard casinos

The PaySafeCard group is based in Vienna, Austria. It is a popular prepaid card used for online payments without the having to disclose your personal data. Over 3,500 retail websites accept PaySafeCard and that includes online casinos as well. Online casino users prefer PaySafeCard as it works like a banking system through which you can not only deposit, but also withdraw too.

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The card has a 16-digit pin code that you need to enter at any of the PaySafeCard casinos, select the amount you wish to transfer and the money gets credited to your casino account instantaneously. The card is safe and secure and just perfect for any kind of online transactions.

Rising popularity among casino players

Onlinescam.net covers even topics that aren´t that well known. One such topic might be the PaySafeCard and is now presented. Buying a PaySafeCard is easy and so is using it for online shopping by simply entering the 16-digit pin code. The card is gaining popularity amongst online casino players as it maintains the players’ privacy. Moreover, as gambling, whether at land based or online casinos is still looked down upon in certain societies, the PaySafeCard leaves no record of having made any payments at casinos. Credit card companies too have been known to discriminate against casino players.

Being a pre-paid card, PaySafeCard automatically helps control your spending at the casinos and once you have exhausted the amount, you have to buy a new card. It is also a good way of protecting yourself from cybercrime. All in all, PaySafeCard is a boon to online casino players and having recognized this, a lot casinos have started offering special PaySafeCard bonuses as well, which can be seen as an advantage. However, their are of course disadvantages as well.

Where can players buy them?

Information about outlets which sell PaySafeCards is available on their website. Once you have located an outlet and bought your card, you need to login to your online casino account – go to the deposit and withdrawal page – select PaySafeCard – key in the 16-digit PIN and make your deposit. It is really that simple and easy. Credit is instantaneous so you can start playing immediately. The ease, convenience and simplicity of this payment method has gone a long way in making PaySafeCard casinos a hot favorite within the online gaming community.

Widely accepted all over the World

Online casino players who have used PaySafeCard, swear by it as no personal information of the player is divulged when the card is used to make casino deposits. It is important to note that the card is widely accepted all over the world, including USA. Though extremely hunky-dory, PaySafeCard does have its set of pros and cons and the same need to be considered before purchasing one.


  • PaySafeCards are easily available and now-a-days almost all the online casinos accept them. The cards suit every pocket as they come in various denominations starting from $ 10 to $ 100.
  • The 16-digit PIN ensures total security and hence the card cannot be used by anyone else.
  • You do not have to exhaust your card at one go – part payments are allowed. Unlike the other payment methods, PaySafeCard transactions are free of cost.
  • There is no validity for the card. However, if the card is unused for over a year, $ 2 service fee is deducted every month.
  • You can lock the card’s PIN in case your PaySafeCard is misplaced or stolen. A locked PIN cannot be unlocked, however the company does give you a refund of the balance amount.


  • Being a pre-paid card, withdrawals are not possible.
  • At times, it may be difficult to find a PaySafeCard authorized seller close by and that can act as a deterrent, prompting the gamers to use alternative payment methods.
  • This may not be the best option for gamers from USA as the participating company is party to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 and therefore, PaySafeCards purchased in USA cannot be used for making deposits to online casinos.

Whenever you select a payment method, it’s best to do your homework and get as much information about the method as possible. At times, there are loopholes, which you may overlook. Remember, it’s your money that is at stake and hence you cannot be careful enough.

Good to know
Something very important that you should know is if the binary options broker is regulated or no. There are so many offers around Internet, so it is very important that no matter how appealing a broker can look, you need to opt for one that is regulated, which means that is legally guaranteed.

Anonymity ends when it comes to casino payouts

Despite its popularity and convenience in funding your online PaySafeCard casino account, they do have their set of disadvantages – a set denomination so the high rollers avoid using them and at the time of cashouts, the player has to mention his bank or credit card his as withdrawals are not allowed. Keeping this in mind, it always helps to be aware of alternative payment methods so that you do not lose out on playing your favorite online games.

logo bank transferDirect Bank Transfer: Perhaps the oldest and the most reliable way of transferring money to your casino account. Even though it is rather tedious the first time around as you need to fill up online forms and submit the payee details, from then on, direct bank transfers are extremely easy and can be advised at your convenience 24×7.

Banks as well as online casinos value the privacy of their customers and hence have the latest state-of-the-art technology in place with firewalls that are hard to breach. The biggest advantage of this method is that both deposits and withdrawals are possible. Though it takes a couple of days for your casino account to be credited, direct bank transfer payment method is widely used by many gamers.

Credit/Debit Cards: You can fund your online casino account by using your credit/debit card. All the online casinos accept this mode of payment. The best thing about this payment method is that your casino account is credited instantly and you can start playing immediately. Follow this URL https://www.onlinescam.net/casino/creditcard/ to get more information.

However, in case of credit cards, it is important to remember that you are drawing a line of credit of an existing credit – the interest is bound to be high and if your credit card does not have the required balance, you will not be able to make the deposit. With debit cards, on the other hand, you can transfer depending on the balance amount available in your bank account – over spending is not possible at all. Visa, Master and AmEx are the three most widely accepted credit/debit cards at all casinos – land based as well as online.

3 logo skrilleWallets: Another easy and convenient payment method are the eWallets. These are net based wallets where you can store and easily access money whenever you need it. The use of eWallets has grown exponentially over the years with the ever increasing online shopping market. Opening an eWallet account is easy and does not require you to fill up numerous forms.

You can transfer money to your eWallet as soon as you register at any of the eWallet websites and start making payments/transferring money immediately too. Some eWallets are wary not about allowing payments to online casinos, but also receiving transfers from them. It is therefore important to find out whether the eWallet selected by you allows payments to and withdrawals from online casinos or not.

PaySafeCard supports 14 different currencies

The PaySafeCard payment option is available in 28 countries across the world. A huge network with around 350,000 outlets worldwide including the US, the PaySafeCard supports 14 different currencies, making it one of the most widely used pre-paid cards for online shopping. Online gamers prefer PaySafeCard casinos because of the anonymity the card guarantees. Easy, convenient and secure, this payment method is poised to become the future of iGaming casino payments.

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