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Playtech is a company has been around since 2002 and during that time it has established itself as is one of the most renowned online gambling providers on the planet. The products of this company is increasingly used by casinos just about everywhere, which is why Playtech has emerged as the indisputable leader in the gambling industry.

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Playtech has a hand in just about any kind of casino software and they have developed a very extensive list of casino games. They have also created several exciting live dealer casino products which is some of the most popular games available in the gambling industry.

Even when it comes to progressive baccarat jackpots, Playtech is the only company which has such a product. There is also the very popular Beach Life which is a progressive jackpots slot game which has been known for its extraordinary payout amounts in the last couple of years and in fact payouts of over $5 million has been seen.

Which games are based on the software?

There is a very long list of casino games which has been created by Playtech and they include:2 Cards and slot machine

  • 2 Ways Royal
  • Night out
  • Dual Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Around the world
  • American Roulette
  • All American
  • Aces and faces
  • Atlantis Queen
  • Baccarat
  • Battle of the gods
  • Baywatch
  • Bonus bowling
  • Blade
  • Blackjack switch
  • Blackjack surrender

This is only a short list of casino games which has been created by Playtech. There are many, many more exciting games from this highly reputable software developer. Playtech has always been one of the more innovative software developers and their casino games is available for download but it is also entirely possible to play a large number of the games in its no download flash format.

There has been so many software developers who have only performed in a very mediocre manner and many of them is no longer in the software development industry. However Playtech seems to grow stronger with each passing year and likewise its available range of online gambling games and software continued to grow in a spectacular way.

Best sites that use the software

There has been a tremendous expansion in the entire online casino industry and a lot of those successes was because of the software which was developed by companies such as Playtech. Thousands of exciting casino games has been created and there are so many choices available to online gamblers and many of them is attracted by the quality of the software which is available.

As far as Playtech is concerned every high – roller and  guru in the industry knows that the games and software which is produced by Playtech is among the very best available in the gambling industry. There are many casinos who will only make use of Playtech software and games.

Some of the casinos who make use of Playtech is:

  • Omni casino
  • Casino Tropez
  • Fly casino
  • Mansion casino
  • Noble casino
  • Winner casino
  • 21 nova casino
  • Bet365 casino
  • Casino Plex
  • Casino Las Vegas
  • Casino.com
  • Europa casino
  • Gala casino
  • Jackpot 247 casino
  • Ladbrokes casino
  • Leo Vegas casino

Some of the most important reasons why people choose to do business with the Play tech casino is because of the excellent reviews which is always available about those Playtech casinos. A Playtech casino no deposit bonus is still some of the most coveted bonuses in the entire industry. Every one of the excellent reward winning games will always receive extensive reviews which can provide important information to the online gambling audience.

Among all online casinos Playtech casinos continue to produce some of the biggest winners in the casino industry. Playtech casinos has become famous because of their commitment to fair play and also because of their random number generators which is frequently tested and certified by completely independent auditors.

Reputation of games

Playtech has some of the most respectable casino clients in the entire gambling industry and it is because of the solid reputation which they have obtained in almost 2 decades. They have excellent casino games which has repeatedly been voted as some of the best currently available in the gambling industry. This applies to both downloadable software and also non downloadable software. Playtech is also listed on the London stock exchange and therefore it is possible for investors to obtain shares in this company.

Playtech has developed a whole range of popular casino games such as poker, bingo, live gaming and sports betting. Another popular factor in the arsenal of Playtech is they progressive jackpot games which continue to attract large crowds of people. There is a relatively low progressive jackpots based on Playtech software but there are also some progressive jackpots which is valued at millions of dollars.

Everything surrounding Playtech is based on quality and satisfaction and this also applies to the graphics of their games as well as the quality of the sound tracks which is some of the most important elements in order to ensure casino games which is consistently off a high quality. Likewise a lot of attention is given to animation which is important in order to provide a rewarding gaming experience. This is why they have succeeded in creating a very large range of products which continues to be extraordinary favorites among the global gambling audience.

Non-downloadable versions of Playtech casino games is almost as good as the downloadable versions, however the difference is so small, that it almost does not matter. They are however some of the older games which may not be quite up to standard, but many of them has become so popular that it simply does not make sense to withdraw them at this stage.

A very important feature of Playtech software is the very high standard of security which is maintained at all times. Playtech simply have to uphold their reputation and therefore they will never compromise when it comes to security and to ensure complete discretion when it comes to their interaction with their members. This is why the quality of the software from this developer has been consistently superior to the products coming from other developers.

This is not something new for Playtech because they’ve always been committed to maintain the highest possible standards for software in the gambling industry. This software provider continue to provide some of the best encryption software available in the industry. When it comes to security there is simply no better software available than the ones which is obtainable from Playtech.

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Alternative software providers

The casino industry is an extremely competent environment and therefore there is a tremendous amount of competition among software developers. One of the strongest competitors in this industry is certainly micro gaming, which has been consistently producing casino software of the highest possible quality.

They have been around for two decades and in that time they have produced hundreds of excellent casino games and software and thy have also excelled in the area of security which is so important in order to protect both the data of the casino and also the personal information of casino members. Microgaming continues to be one of the most successful software developers in the casino industry and their wide range of casino games continue to be very popular among the global gambling audience.

2 logo netentNetEnt is another software development company that has very deep roots in the casino industry. In fact this software developer has been named as best mobile supplier of the year no less than two times. NetEnt was also nominated as the best slot provider of the year as well as the best live casino supplier of the year.

This software developer is one of the undisputed casino software giants in the industry and they have successfully entered into the world of 3-D slot games and they are also the holders of the Guinness world record for the largest jackpot by one of their progressive slots, known as mega fortune. One lucky winner has won a staggering amount of €17 million.

Realtime gaming is another software giant and also one of the oldest casino software developers. It has been established in 1998 and from the start there was a definite commitment to become one of the strongest competitors in the casino software development environment. Although it was initially a US company it is now located in Costa Rica. RTG is known for its excellent selection of slot games which is known by the name real series slots. Some of its most popular games continue to be some of the most liked casino games in history.


Anyone in the gambling industry will be able to tell you that excellent casino software is critically important in order to ensure a very high standard of casino gaming. Playtech continue to shine and there is a very large selection of very reputable casinos who are very proud of their partnership with Playtech. Not only do they have one of the most exciting casino games selections in the industry, but their standard of security is also one of the very best which is available from any developer today.

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