Ukash casino – These sites accept deposits with Ukash?

Ukash was founded in 2005 in UK. It was an e-Money system whereby users would purchase a 19-digit code in exchange of cash – this code had to be entered for online transactions – transfer money, make a payment or even online shopping.

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If the transactions were of a lesser denomination than the value of the 19-digit code, a fresh code was generated – this was similar to getting change back from the shopkeepers, except that you got a fresh 19-digit code. The 19-digit vouchers are extremely popular in the UK. In April 2015, Ukash became a part of the Skrill Group and the vouchers were replaced by the PaySafeCard scheme and so it remains to date.

Popular among players from UK

Ukash is an extremely convenient online payment method popular amongst the UK online gamblers. The fact that Ukash offers innumerable benefits to its customers further adds to its popularity. Basically a pre-paid card with no additional fee or transaction charges and hence the preferred mode of payment amongst the online players.

The pros and cons

Ukash Cards are a popular method of funding online casino accounts amongst the UK players. However, despite being a convenient and secure mode of payment, Ukash does have its set of pros and cons which need to be considered before opting for this payment method.

More and more gamers in the UK prefer to use Ukash. Due to the growing popularity, Ukash will soon be acceptable with mobile gambling sites as well. The bonuses and prize draws and the steady stream of users are a good enough reason to use Ukash and make the most of this trend.But there are more reasons why someone should use it and of course there are some disadvantages to it.


  • Being a pre-paid card, Ukash offers a high level of safety to its users – there is no registration process at any website and nor is any need to divulge your financial information. Hence there is no fear of any breach of privacy or fraud. Your personal as well as financial identities remain anonymous.
  • Ukash is a pre-paid card so you are always aware of the spending limit and are likely to stay within your budget.
  • Ukash offers great bonuses to players using their cards for funding the casino accounts. The bonus is usually to the tune of 10% or 20% of the deposit made to the casino
  • Some Ukash casinos even offer prize draws for using these cards.
  • Ukash has no hidden transaction charges. Not a single penny is deducted from your card – you get exactly what you pay for.


  • The biggest drawback for Ukash users is that the cards come with just a 6 months validity. So you have to use up the amount within that period. However, that does not pose much of a problem for the online gamers who tend to use up the entire amount well within a couple of days.
  • Ukash does not have an online re-charging system for their cards. Once the amount is used up, you have to go to a Ukash retailer to buy a new card, which can be cumbersome at times.

Deposits and withdrawals

Ukash pre-paid cards are extremely user friendly and easy to use as long as your chosen online casino accepts it. All you have to do is buy the pre-paid card from any of the retailers across Europe – enter the 19-digit PIN at the time of making your deposit at the casino and that is all it takes. The money is credited to your casino account instantly and once that happens, you can start playing at your favorite games.

There are no charges or interest payable as would be applicable in case of debit/credit cards. Your financial data also remains safe and secure. Casinos usually limit the amount of withdrawals allowed to Ukash cards. However, once the same has been approved, you can withdraw to your Ukash account, ie, the withdrawals are in the form of vouchers which can be used for shopping or the amount can be added to your Ukash card.

Good to know
The card can be bought across the counter at any of the 100,000 retail dealers across the world without disclosing your bank account or financial details. As no activation is required, Ukash cards can be used immediately for funding the online casino accounts. Due to its ever increasing popularity, more and more online casinos have started accepting Ukash cards.

Alternative in case you don’t have access to Ukash

After having done your homework and selected an online casino that suits your needs, you need to make a deposit into your casino account to start playing. People are wary about online transactions owing to the increase in cybercrime and their financial data being breached – Ukash has succeeded in allaying this fear. However, it is not always possible to have access to Ukash cards and hence alternate payment methods can also be used.

Logo SkrillSkrill: Is an online transaction system which is extremely safe, transparent and efficient. Payments can be made to the casino account through a credit card or directly through a bank account using the Skrill account as a bridge. This way the players need not submit their bank account or credit card details directly to the casinos.

Click2Pay: Attracts players by offering various bonuses for using their services to fund the online casino account, which gets credited instantly without the players losing the tempo of the game. Click2Pay is restricted by many casinos and hence not a popular mode of payment.

PaysafeCard: is another payment option possible for funding your online casino account. This is a pre-paid card available in different denominations. You can simply buy it across the counter without furnishing any personal information or identity proof and use it to transfer the money to the casino account. Once the card balance is used up, you have to purchase another card.

ClickandBuy: is another alternative payment mode available to online gamers. After opening and funding a ClickandBuy account, you can transfer money to the casino via your credit card through the same. ClickandBuy is considered to be safe and efficient and gives the players instant access to the casinos.

Direct Bank Transfers: is the oldest and perhaps the most reliable method of transferring funds to your online casino account. It can be quite cumbersome the first around as you have to fill up forms and account details. Even though the money is debited immediately from your bank account, your casino account is not credited immediately. Bank transfer usually take a couple of days to be processed.

The selection of the payment method differs not only from player to player, but is also dictated by the players’ country and hence it is important to find out about the payment methods accepted by the casino and then opt for one that best suits your requirements.

No registration required

Ukash is currently available in more than 55 countries around the globe. The biggest advantage of Ukash is that no registration is required – you do not need to submit any identity proof or furnish any personal or financial details. This has made Ukash very popular and one of the most sought after payment methods with the iGaming community.

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