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The comprehensive Casumo casino review

  • Slot games such as Starburst or Fruit Mania are available
  • Multilingual support
  • Mobile friendly games
  • Award winning casino
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The website of the casino

Casumo is a highly reputable casino which was established in 2012 and right from the start the owners have done everything in their ability to create a casino experience which has eventually turned out to be one of the most exciting and thrilling casino experiences anywhere on the planet.

This new experience was given the name and what was basically a casino which has been designed from scratch to become something which will continue to provide people all over with intense enjoyment and on diluted fun.

Secure connections by using the SSL Standard

Company Information
Name: Casumo Services Limited
Adress: Unicorn Centre, Triq ll-Uqija, Swieqi, SWQ 2335, Malta
Regulation: Malta
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: Not Available
Live-Chat: Available

Just like every other reputable casino establishment Casumo has turned out to be a casino product which has received recognition all across the industry. Everyone involved at this casino is not merely focusing on establishing a casino, they are working on the larger challenge and that is to constantly change what most people perceive as a casino.

This is why a lot of attention is given to design strategies as well as new innovations and technologies. At Casumo most of the rules which apply to casino design is to a large degree ignored and it’s exactly this approach which very often results in a casino experience which continues to surprise and this has become the hallmark of Casumo.

Whenever it comes to the issue of financial transactions people all across the planet want to have at least some form of assurance something is handled with the necessary care, discretion and security. Therefore it is good to know that the gaming authority in many countries is doing everything in their ability to regulate the industry as effectively as possible and to ensure that the rights of gamblers are protected at all times.

This is why at Casumo casino all membership information is sent over extremely secure connections by using the SSL standard. This basically means that all information is actually useless should that information fall into the hands of someone else who does not have the necessary encryption software.

All payment methods at Casumo casino is PCI compliant and this ensures that the banking details of our members can be safely handled because at Casumo casino we have to the absolutely highest standards when it comes to cash payments, withdrawals or deposits.

Gamblers should note that Casumo casino have received their gambling licenses both in Malta and the UK and experienced gamblers would know that this is the two strictest gambling jurisdictions on the planet. These gambling commissions ensure that all casinos which has been licensed, will always comply with all of the guidelines which has been determined for the gambling industry. This provides a measure of protection for gamblers who has chosen Casumo as they preferred casino.

A small picture of the Casumo frontpage

The Casumo Casino website
The layout is remarkable and has a high usability. Users just scroll down until the games show up.

The registration page is displayed at Casumo

Registration formular at Casumo
This process is straightforward and takes only a couple of minutes until users have finished it.

Only some games of the big game selection at Casumo casino can be seen here

Some available games at the Casumo Casino.
Casumo offers a huge selection of games. Table games, slot games and Live casino games are waiting.

An adventurous journey

UK Slotgames Casumo 1

Selection of the slot games at

Anyone who comes to Casumo will quickly see that this organization is so much more than just your average casino. Casumo actually has several levels which can be attained as gamblers collect trophies and other valuable things and in this way points are collected which then allows gamblers to advance to new levels. This can make the gambler eligible for a whole range of things such as free rounds, free cash and in fact the more time you spend at Casumo casino the better the rewards become.

At Casumo you are actually on a journey of adventure and as you progress you qualify for the next levels of that adventure and there is even a progress bar that will clearly indicate how far the gambler has progressed in that adventure. All along the adventure there are opportunities to win valuable Casumo bonuses and other prizes all of which can then be used to place free bets which often can be converted into substantial prices.

There are many exciting slot games available at Casumo casino such as

  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Guns and Roses
  • Crystal Queen
  • Miss Midas
  • Wild West high roller
  • Well of wonders and many others.

Choose the bonus of your preference

Who qualifies? The first step will be to create a membership account at Casumo casino which is actually a very simple and straightforward process. From your first Casumo login, some exciting and valuable bonuses will be waiting in your account inventory. You simply need to click on your username which should be in the left hand menu to access these Casumo bonuses, just when you Casumo log in.

The interesting Casumo casino offer
Users see the small Casumo casino logo
Maximal Promotion: 200 Free spins and up to
Claim Bonus

Once you have correctly accessed the Casumo casino login, just click on the Casumo bonus of your preference, in order to activate them and this will result in a wide variety of specific benefits and free spins that is, as soon as you have deposited some money.

Once those payments have been received all bonuses which apply will immediately be reflected on your account. This will happen with each new deposit and there may be as many as 200 free spins which can be used. Casumo is really committed to do everything possible to provide gamblers with an exciting and a profitable journey.

Security one of the most important values

In order to ensure an excellent gaming experience, it is important to ensure that you have the latest updates for your Internet browser installed and in this regard Casumo considers Google Chrome to be the best browser for use with their software. It is also important to have the latest version of flash player installed and it’s also important to have an Internet connection which is able to ensure an adequate transfer of data so that there is no unnecessary lagging. It is also helpful to close unnecessary background programs which may be using resources which could rather be made available for casino games.

Security is one of the most important considerations at Casumo casino. Casumo conducts daily security checks of the entire system in order to ensure that all of the user information is completely secure and that none of the data has been compromised in any way.

This is done in order to fully comply with the guidelines in the licensing agreement and this is why we might sometimes require official documents in order to allow us to verify your account and information contained in it. This may include a copy of your passport, ID, or driver’s license and such a document must be valid and it should have an expiration date.

Financial transactions most carefully managed

Financial transactions of any kind are always managed most carefully at Casumo casino. Naturally in order to take part in some of the high playing casino games available at Casumo it will be necessary to make a deposit of some kind. This process is very simple because on the left hand menu you will find your account balance and there you can select your desired deposit method and simply follow the instructions.

All of the major financial institutions are supported such as, Bank transfers, Paysafe, Visa, Skrill as well as MasterCard. It may occasionally happen that deposits fail and this is mostly due to information which has not been correctly supplied and therefore the first place to look for the problem will be with information which has been supplied by the applicant.

Sometimes a deposit is made and the money does not immediately reflect in your casino account, while your own banking institution indicate that the funds has been transferred. In that case it is mostly sufficient to contact Casumo and in most cases they will be able to trace those funds and solve the problem.

Unequalled mobile gaming adventure

Gamblers everywhere is looking for real value and one of the best places to obtain excellent information regarding mobile casino opportunities will be to read through this good Casumo casino review. This Casumo review will help you learn quickly why Casumo has come a very long way and they have an excellent selection of games which is available to all of their members.

However most gamblers would say that all of these things can be obtained from just about any online casino and in most cases they will be correct. However at Casumo there is an unequalled gaming adventure and loyalty bonuses which is setting Casumo apart from the opposition in just about every way.

Then there is also the mobile slot games and all of the other casino games which are truly of the highest quality and which is providing gamblers with some of the best gambling experiences in the industry.

Support of highest importance

Any time when there is a financial transaction between an organization and the individual, it is extremely important that there should be a measure of trust. In the gambling industry this is one of the most important requirements which is laid down by the gambling commissions and those guidelines is enforced very strictly.

This is important because people should know that they are part of a casino system where there is excellent consumer care and where there is a serious effort to accommodate members whatever their needs might be. Consumer care is an integral part of the service which is provided by Casumo.

Casumo will continue to grow

The gambling industry is an extremely competitive environment and it is consistently those casinos who are providing their members with extraordinary value, which will soon elevate themselves above the competition and they will continue to grow both in membership and also in profits. Casumo is without a doubt such a casino, which has continued to distinguish itself over the years and which has become known for their unshakable reputation in the gambling industry.

I like the design of this casino. It is very user-friendly and further I can recommend their game selection, which includes Starburst and Blazing Star.

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Users see the big Casumo casino logo