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eToro review – Quality check

eToro on its website claims beings the foreign exchange broker with which you will feel safe when making your online operations with foreign exchange. eToro’s social trading network is the largest in the world. That’s why today we have decided to select this foreign exchange broker to perform an eToro review and as we usually do, we will try to give you all the information you need to decide if this foreign exchange broker is right for you and you will then see if you are ready for a eToro test and to live your own eToro experience.

Thanks to eToro, many people have discovered a new way to invest. eToro had its beginnings back in 2010 when it came to life, and from that moment it has not lost position internationally in the foreign exchange industry. Go ahead, read this EToro review to find out everything you need to know about this recognized, regulated and licensed foreign exchange broker.

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Max. 92%Payout

The Pros & Cons

As it is often mentioned, the leading foreign exchange brokers in the world are a world of advantages and benefits for their assets to their future users. In case of this eToro review, you will be told everything you need to know about this foreign exchange broker and particularly you will find 5 enumerated advantages and 2 general disadvantages, so that in this way you will be able to consider if they represent some kind of benefit or default to you.

There are a lots of reasons why eToro is one of the favorite brokers of the foreign exchange industry. Check out the facts listed below and then decide after having read this review if you’re ready or not to have an eToro test and live an eToro experience.


  • Foreign exchange broker regulated by the renowned CySEC, license number 109/10

  • You can use PayPal to make deposits and withdrawal money

  • Academy with full training study material

  • EToro has frequent offers for the benefit of its users

  • Great social trading program


  • The charts need more sophisticated trading tools


UK eToro Logo 1The experts will never get tired of mentioning this factor. Each time you make a research on a foreign exchange broker, always remember to check the regulation factor.

It is very important that the foreign exchange broker that you choose is regulated. This mantle of law will give greater protection to your online trading transactions with foreign exchange, to the money in your account and to all the information, whether personal or of payment methods, you have submitted to the foreign exchange platform of your choice.

In the case of eToro, you have nothing to fear, since eToro is not associated with any eToro scam, but the eToro team is too busy trying to design different offers that are only eToro bonus, where you can find a foreign exchange broker fully regulated and authorized, mainly by one of the most important and recognized world regulators.

Yes, this foreign exchange broker presents no scam, on the contrary, eToro is regulated by CySEC – Securities and Exchange Commission of Cyprus, and is registered under the license number 109/10. And this is not all, since eToro also has registration and authorization from the following entities: MiFID, NFA, FCA, ASIC and CFTC.

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Platform and Interface

eToro, among many benefits, is known for offering a great platform and interface, which are very easy to use and user-friendly. eToro offers a platform that is very innovative within the industry and what you can find available on the Internet.

Within the service eToro platform you can find different sections, such as the Social Trading acclaimed program. With this program you can join thousands of users who use this bold way to invest by copying or imitating strategies of experts and successful traders. Thanks to that you will have access to strategies and transactions made by those leading industry investors that operate through eToro, you can improve every day more and more and make better trading transactions online which ultimate objective is to maximize your profits .

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This is ideal for investors of all levels, from those who are complete beginners up to intermediate investors who seek to continue gaining experience in the foreign exchange industry. But this is not all, since professionals and experts may also take advantage of this program of social trading to confirm whether their strategies are really the best or if there are factors that can adapted from strategies of other investors who are also part of this program.

Trading on the go!

Mobile Website eToro

The mobile website of eToro

eToro wants that you can make your transactions on the go, no matter where you are, at any time. It is for this reason that eToro has developed a mobile application that can be downloaded to multiple devices.

You just need to download the application to your mobile device. eToro’s application is available for most operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

You just need to be connected to the Internet and have downloaded the application, and even from the comfort and joy of a beach, you can make your online trading transactions.

TV Spots & Offers

eToro has been busy developing good marketing and advertising strategies. As you can find its presence in different social media channels, you’ll also find some commercials on TV. In case you lost this opportunity, don’t worry, you can enter the largest video platform in the world, YouTube, and there you will find different types of interactive and dynamic content of eToro.

But that’s not all, in terms of promotions, eToro has a lot to offer. For example, if you refer ten friends and they open their account with eToro, you can receive up to $ 1,000 in eToro Bonus. It is important to note that this offer takes place only once.

The academy

eToro believes it is very important to get trained and educated, and as it is often mentioned in the reviews, as in many aspects of life, it is always important to train and keep abreast with the latest news and concepts.

So you can have more and more success in the industry of foreign exchange, we recommend that you train, you clear out your doubts, you know all the vocabulary associated with foreign exchange and you know how the market and foreign exchange broker work.

eToro offers on its website a Trading Academy. Thanks to this academy you will gain more knowledge about the industry and about financial trading.

Within this Academy you will find several sections, among them are the following:

  • Live Webinars: live seminars so you can have an interactive and dynamic experience and can ask questions instantly.
  • Online courses: these courses offer themed financial trading and foreign exchange, two important topics to know in order to succeed in the foreign exchange industry.
  • Trading videos: dynamic option  that allows you to learn more about foreign exchange, to read charts, tables, statistics and analysis of foreign exchange.

And with the demo account functionality that is available, you can also learn. Yes! Use this demo account as a tool and an educational resource to find out how this foreign exchange platform in particular works and also get to know the market of foreign exchange, and if you are already experienced, find out if this foreign exchange broker is ideal for you and if you feel comfortable trading with it.

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Max. 92%Payout


Again, it is expected that you have enjoyed this eToro review and especially that the written content in this review may have cleared out some of your doubts and that you were able to find answers to your questions. Go ahead! Make your eToro test and feel free to have an eToro experience that will be very dynamic, interactive and enriching. If after making your research you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the FAQ and Contact section eToro has developed.

In that section you can simply enter a question and different answers will pop out according to the nature of your question. Give it a try! You can even learn from other questions that you may have not had in mind before. If not what you can also do is contact the customer service team from eToro, and its customer services representatives will be more than willing to answer all of your questions and help you with anything that you may need help with. Good luck! Happy trading!