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EZTrader review – Quality check

People spend most of their time trying to figure out how they can earn big amounts of money and also they try different methods that normally end up as big scams and that will not help them earn a dime. This EZTrader review is meant to offer you all the information you need to know to get to know how this binary options broker wirks and decide if you are willing to do you EZTrader test and have your own EZTrader experience.

EZTrader had its beginnings some years ago and this binary options broker is operated by WGM Services Ltd. In addition, this binary options broker also operates different brokers, like for example Global Option.

UK EZTrader Logo 1

Max. 95%Payout


Those who are willing to have their experience in the binary options industry they suffer a lot of headaches trying to figure out which can be the best option for them. They try to search for perfection, which does clearly not exist.

They need to focus on different advantages and pay attention to the disadvantages, instead of focusing on something that is perfect to 100%. Keep on reading this EZTrader review and you will be able to know all the advantages and some disadvantages that EZTrader has to offer. Don’t wait any longer! Go ahead, do your EZTrader test and live your EZTrader experience!


  • Binary options broker regulated by the well-known CySEC

  • Variety of EZTrader bonus available to the new and existing users

  • Great application developed for Android and iOS systems

  • Payouts of up to 95%

  • United States users are allowed


  • PayPal is not a payment method allowed for withdrawals nor for deposits


UK EZTrader Logo 1It is mandatory not to say compulsoty, that every time that online trades are made with a binary options brokers, the users ensure that they are dealing with a regulated binary options broker.

In this way, you need to  make sure that the binary options broker is regulated and registered at a well-known entity, which is very important and required, so that the law can protect you and all the online trades you made, and you will be able to feel the confidence and security you need to keep  on making your online trades with binary options.

As there exist so many binary options brokers that are available online, many of these are scam and what needs to be avoided is to fall for one of them. This is not the case of EZTrader, as it is a fully regulated binary options broker, so there exists no EZTrader scam, but just a world full of EZTrader bonus.

There are different regulating bodies that are in charge of regulating the different binary option brokers, but there is specially one that is the most important one and that is all that matters: this is exactly the case of EZTrader. EZTrader is regulated by CySEC, – The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and it is registered under the license number 247/14.

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Services platform

The platform that EZTrader has developed, together with its unique interface, is completely user-friendly. This way, this binary options platform has been developed in such a way that everybody can use it and profit from it no matter their computing level or if they have ever traded before.

In its website, EZTrader counts with a great section of Frequently Asked Questions, where not only you will be able to learn everything you need to know about this binary options broker in particular, but also you will learn everything about terminology and meanings within the binary options industry.

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In addition, when you need to make your first deposit, you will see how easy it is to enter and make your first minimum deposit and directly deposit the $200 required. In the EZTrader platform you will be able to fund a great customer service section where you will be able to get in touch with all the different customer service representatives through different means:

  • Live chat: contact the customer service representatives instantly and they will answer all of your questions
  • Phone call: different contact lines according to the language you speak
  • Email: send an email so that they can answer to all of your questions and you can check the answers when you are ready.

Technology and mobile trading

Mobile Website EZTrader

The mobile website of EZTrader

The EZTrader team has developed a great mobile application that will allow you to make your online trades on the go wherever you are. In order to do this all you need is download the application that has been developed for iOS and Android operating systems.

You can directly download your app to your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices if you enter the App Store, and in case you have a Samsung or any other tablet that operates Android, then you simply need to enter Google Play and download the EZTrader app. The application, as well as the web platform, count with a very user-friendly interface that is very easy to use.

Media and TV spots

EZTrader considers that it is very important to be up to date with all the last technologies and media and that is why EZTrader has developed a strong marketing and advertising strategy.

You can find EZTrader as the sponsor of many top sport teams around the world. Its brand has a great positioning and can be found everywhere and at different media. In addition, you can find many videos at the most famous video platform, YouTube and in the main tv and media channels in the top countries of the world.

Training center

EZTrader welcomes all the clients, new and existing ones. It is very important to make some good research before choosing and selecting a binary options broker, as this one will guide you in your way to success. As we said before, it is important that you choose an ideal binary options broker, not the perfect one.

In this case, EZTrader counts with an excellent education and training center and that is what makes it an ideal binary options broker together with all the other available advantages.

In this education center you will find a big deal of resources and tools that will make your experience within the binary options industry a very rich and profitable one. It does not matter your trader level, you can be a complete newbie or an advanced expert, as in every case there is always something else to learn and you can continue developing more strategies and learning strategies from other successful traders.

Within this training center you will find some of the following sections:

  • Theory training area
  • Practice area, where you can also put into practice all of your strategies and knowledge and you can learn thanks to the benefits of other binary options users
  • Training area on binary options trading
  • Terminology area and glossary to learn all the vocabulary you need
  • Courses section with interactive and dynamic videos
  • Electronic books – e-books so that you can keep on learning even more
  • Tutorials in different formats
  • Financial calendar so that you can be up to date with the last dates to maximize your profits
  • Learning and strategy development section
UK EZTrader Logo 1

Max. 95%Payout


It is expected that this EZTrader revision has been more than interesting and educational to you. Everything that matters is that once you make your decision, this one is one that you fully agree on, so you should have been able to make your own research and that whenever you are ready to do your EZTrader test and have your EZTrader experience, you know that there exists no EZTrader scam and that there will be anything to regret and that you count with all the needed information to be sure that you have clicked on the right broker.

Remember, the perfect binary options broker does not exist, what does exist is the ideal binary options broker that suits your personal and special online trading needs. If after having read this EZTrader revision you still have any other question, do not hesitate to contact the customer service center at any time, the EZTrader agents will be ready to answer to all of your questions, as that is all that matters. Ask questions, make some research and know that the binary options broker you trade with is regulated is all that you need to maximize your profits and be a successful trader.