Lottery online – How to play Lotto secure

Draw of the winning lottery numbers is not a new attraction. For a long time now, players across shops get excited whenever winning lottery numbers are drawn and enjoy the weekly and annual lotteries. Now-a-days, it is no longer necessary to queue up at the counters as the lottery games are available on the internet. It has becoming very difficult for the common man to find the right service provider per his needs. In our lottery online test, we would like to pursue this issue, in order to highlight the basic qualities of a private lottery service provider which could help you in selecting the right service provider and not someone who is untrustworthy.

In the lottery test, Lottoland stands out as the winner.

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Keeping that in mind, we have taken steps to not only guard the client data and information on money transfers, but also to obtain gambling licences which are issued by a central licencing authority. Furthermore, we also draw the members‘ attention to the in- and out payment modes which need to be taken into consideration while selecting the right service provider.

All this is obviously done while keeping the games offered in mind, in case of the most suitable service provider for you. The possibilities of how you apply our advice in case of any problem is also interesting here. In addition, we also highlight what constitutes a competent customer service. Playing online Lotto is nevertheless legal and there already is a sizeable number of players with a good online experience.

We would like to round up by explaining how your online lottery prize money can be enhanced. No doubt your chances of winning cannot be influenced in any way, but you can increase your prize money through a few simple game plans.

Registered office and gambling license

Icon scaleTo begin with it is extremely important that you exercise prudence regarding the trustworthiness of a service provider while making your choice. It is mandatory to get details of the registered office of the service provider. Selecting a service provider with its registered office in Europe is an advantage as in case of a conflict, the member has the option of approaching the legal authorities.

Undoubtedly, you should not be misled in case the registered office of one or the other service provider is not in Europe. Sometimes the registered office of such service providers are in countries with a different taxation system. However, most of the online lottery service providers have their registered offices within the European Union.

In case a particular company is located in Malta, there is no reason to get alarmed. Service providers with gambling branches within the EU are bound by rules and regulations which are outlined by the European legal system. After having found the details of the registered office, you need to pay attention to the fact whether the service provider has a gambling  licence within the relms of private lotteries.

Even though this mandate was valid only upto 2011, after the amendment of the said mandate, licences were issued to private lotteries and online Lotto was once again allowed. As the decision taken by the required majority of the German states, which can issue private licences, is applicable across all the states up to Schleswig-Holstein.

Such strict rules with respect to gambling laws do not exist on the island state of Malta and obtaining a licence is rather popular there due to the extremely low tax of only 5% which is borne by the company.

In addition are the low taxes on gambling and good legal premises for online Lotto as compared to the mainland. The maltese gambling licence has, over the years, established a good reputation for itself and just like a regulation in Schleswig-Hostein, is an indicator that online Lotto is legal and acceptable. It is understood that certain conditions have to me fulfilled to obtain such a licence, which are included or excluded under addiction prevention rules and includes online fraud as well.

Besides the licences, you can recognise a good service provider by the Trusted Shops „Seal of Quality“ like the Tipp24. You can, therefore, be sure that your data is in safe hands. It is not only a matter of not sharing your personal data with a third party, but also the assurance that the information is encrypted.

Even the data with respect to the money transaction by the members is protected by Trusted Shops with the help of SSL Encryption. Normally the experience with online Lotto is positive due to the licenced and Trusted Shop seals of the service providers.

Good to know
Obviously there is no way to better your chances of winning as the numbers are pulled up in a random manner and hence you cannot simply play „favourite“ numbers and be sure of winning a big amount because you do not need to share the prize money with the online lottery pool who have also chosen to play the same numbers.

Payment and payout options

icon paymentWhen you are on the look out for a well-known service provider for online lottery, you need to note the payment and payout options along with the registered address of the firm and its licences. In order to be sure that your bank account details will be handled in a secure manner as per the rules, it is important to learn about the options available for payments and payout in advance.

Most of the service providers prefer to use common payment options such as credit-cars, bank transfers or e-wallets, like PayPal for online Lotto. If you wish to simplify it further, please note whether the preferred mode for payments as well as payouts are suitable for you. Often only one mode can be used – rarely is it found that payouts are made using credit cards .

Here you need to note which service provider charges a minimum or in the best case scenario no fees for payouts. Some of the service providers do not charge for only one payout per month, whereas the others charge a service fee for every transaction. In one of the Online Lotto tests on attention was paid to the fact that as far as possible the payment and payout modes were free as that is an indication of a good service.

Some of the service providers offer a bonus for every payment. This could include free tickets or even credits to your account. Please read the conditions applicable on the bonus as often the bonus amount needs to exchanged in one way or the other, before the payout is possible.

If you have any doubts with regards to Online Lotto, does it really help the customer service can be reached only after crossing many channels. As a rule, there are contact forms on the website offering help through e-mail, telephone or evenlive-chats. Even this is important to note as This too is important as it is always better to have more options available to contact the service provider. Best is, of course, when there is a dedicated toll free number and a Live-Chat option to get the concerns addressed by the customer service as effectively as possible.

You know best which of the online lottery games you want to bet on. It is also important to note which of your preferred online lottery games can be played on Lotto Online. Virtually every licensed lottery not only offers the classic game of 6 from 49, but also Spiel 77 and the Super 6. Some of them also allow the South German and Northwest German Class Lotteries (SKL- und NKL). If you are interested in more weekly draws like the EuroJackpot, it is advisable to also find out details of the same. More choice translate into more gaming fun.

Are all your favourite games available? Does the service provider of your choice have its registered office within Europe and an official gaming licence? Are you satisfied with the stated payment and payout modes as well the minimum amounts payable and the bonus conditions and is customer service easily accessible at times of doubt? Then you have found the right servie provider for playing online lottery.

This service provider has come out „Very Good“ in the test

We tested several brands and came to the conclusion that Lottoland is an interesting site. It offers more than 20 lotteries such as EuroMillions or Keno and even scratchcards. Also, players can choose to play with a syndicate. Furthermore, there are several communication channels for support, such as a Live Chat or a contact form.

Are their hints? Players sometimes look for hints. Here are some ways with which you can increase your chances, of course they are no guarantees, since the numbers are randomly drawn. Take care not to play lucky numbers like 3 or 7, the middle 25 or the number 19. Besides that it is advisable not to play an entire row and please do not favour regularly selected numbers in the left or right rows, with the exception of the lucky numbers.

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