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Lottoland review – A comprehensive quality check

  • More than 20 popular lotteries available
  • Lottery syndicates possible
  • Good customer support
  • Licensed by Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner
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The website

Lottoland is considered to be one of the most favoured internet based lottery service. It has an exhaustive stable of offers corroborated by a reliable in- and out payment system and an attractive new member bonus, which is rather evident.

What immediately works in favour of Lottoland is its member base, which has, by now, already crossed the 2 million mark of registered users. The owner of the website in this case is Lottoland Ltd, who is, so to say, the agent of EU Lotto and to whom it passes on the client bets. Lottoland Ltd. is, therefore, in a way the accountant and also has a licence issued by the regulatory authorities of Gibraltar to this extent. This validates a reputable business, thereby eliminating the possibility of any in-house lottoland scam.

Information about the company

Company Information
Name: Lottoland Limited
Adress: Office Suite A, Ocean Village Promenade
Regulation: Gibraltar
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: A telephone based customer service is not available
Live-Chat: Livechat is available

As Lottoland Ltd is headquartered in Gibraltar, members can also play on the company’s international websites in Germany (lottoland de), Englang (lottoland uk), Austria (lottoland at) and many others (lottoland con or lottoland aust) and bet on games like EuroMillions. Furthermore, members can also bet on the Classic 6 out of 49 as well as specal draws of the Super 6 or the Game 77. In addition, you could also try to crack the EuroJackpot and play the Game of Chance.

It is also possible to play games like Cash4Life, Lottoland Powerball, Keno or the MegaMillions. A positive Lottoland experience can be had as a result of the exhaustive offers at the different games.

The large number of members, which follows the lottery draws as well as places their bets daily either from the comfort of their homes or while being on the move through the Lottoland App on their smartpones, can be facilitated through the resolution of online lottery. Here Lottoland clearly stands out from its completition, in so far as being totally dedicated to the complete list of offers designed for the service poviders.

The possiblity that Lottoland could be considered as a state lottery cannot be eliminated. That, however, is not the case. The service provider is only based on the jackpot odds around the world and offers the same to its members. For example, if a bet is placed on Lottoland’s 6 out of 49 and it wins, the prize money is not distributed through the entire German lottery system, but directly through Lottoland itself.

That means, that in case of a win, this company pays the lottoland winners directly from its own account – so that theoretically lottery winnings can be of unimaginable amounts. For example it is possible to take part in the Spanish Christmas lottery where the prize money is as high as 1.8 Billion Euros. Even though this is relatively implausible and concerns an amount which has not yet been won by anyone across the globe, Lottoland might obviously have to pay it.

Since such a high possible payout obviously constitutes a risk for a company like Lottoland, they work in collaboration with companies like EMIRAT AG, in order to estimate the hidden risks. In case of doubt, the partner company functions as the risk manager and takes care of the disbursement of the prize money promised by Lottoland.

To a certain extent, there is obviously a surety, but whether that would actually happen in the case of 1.8 Billion Euros is rather doubtful. Internationally EMIRAT AG is considered as a reliable firm and has collaborations with many known German companies. In this regard as the risk manager, EMIRAT AG also extends security for the sweepstakes and promotional events in context of spectacular marketing operations. Therefore, as is evident through the above test, payouts are not an issue at Lottoland, as it involves a trustworthy and reliable service provider.

This image shows the frontpage of the Lottoland website

The Lottoland website
Users see immediately some off the available lotteries and many interesting features.

Here users see the Lottoland registration form

Registration formular at Lottoland
In order to finish the sign up process, players have to complete the registration form.

Here are some Lottoland lotteries presented

Some available lotteries at Lottoland .
The site provides more than 30 lotteries and many more games, even scratchcards or slots.

Service provider platform

The service provider’s platform has obviously been setup in order to eliminate any hurdles, in case a member needs any help in selecting his favourite game. The online Lottoland offer is rather comprehensive. Besides the most popular EuroJackpot and the classic 6 out of 49 Lottery, a member can also play at the EuroMillions and the Lottoland Powerball top up the offer together with the Spanish Christmas Lottery.

Not only are the various games convincing, but the latest updated information with regards to the betting odds is also available at the disposal of a potential Lottoland winner. Furthermore the different playing techniques of the current lotteries are also explained in detail to those players who are not yet familiar with the entire system. In addition, the Lottoland Newsletter always provides the latest developments regarding the existing lotteries, whereby the lottery system is often discussed

The reason behind a positive Lottoland experience and why the service provider can enlist so many members has a lot to do with the additional features, which are at the disposal of a potential Lottoland winner.

For example in the case of Win-o-Meter, the degree of a probable win can be calculated on the basis of the number of bets placed and the validity of a ticket. Another attractive feature is the safety net which provides extremely lucrative chances to Lottoland members, because they do not have to share the winnings of a major lottery with other players. Normally the jackpot is shared between 2 players who have reached the 1st prize category.

The payout of the total amount is provided through a safety net. The service provider can facilitate that as it concerns a private lottery and the prize money is not disbursed by the lottery fratenity. You need to pay an extra 50 cents  for each betting field to enjoy the safety net – this amount gets paid off in case of a possible jackpot.

Payouts and bonus

Opening a Lottoland account itself is a positive experience. After the lottoland login, you can close the account as soon as you have opened it. All this is possible within a couple of minutes and is not a complicated process at all. In fact, you do not have to give the account details for re-registration.

Maximal Promotion: Players can get up to
Claim Bonus

You only need to personally provide your details. You can pay for the betting ticket via bank transfer so that your account gets debited directly. In addition, you can also use e-Wallets and payments can be made via PayPal or Paysafecard.

There are no direct bonuses, however, you can use the Lottoland voucher as a new or a privildged member on the website, in order to place complementary bets. Thus for example, you can play 4 betting fields, but pay for only one or play 3 jackpots at once for a discounted fee of 11.49 Euro.

An interesting provider

Lottoland captivates members by a simple principle with regards to the existing games and an hasselfree delivery of the betting tickets – that takes place within a couple of minutes, due to which members have a positive experience at Lottoland. One can easily play the local lotteries, however the international lotteries (,,, are not excluded..

Moreover, security is of prime importance at Lottoland. As is the common practice with private lotteries, all the Lottoland payouts are taken care of by the service provider itself.

What’s important is that the service provider is controlled by the British Gambling Commission, so that in case of any lottoland scam, one can go as far as possible to get relief. EMIRAT AG, which is the risk manager for renowed German firms, itself takes care of the payout to big winners, so that the Lottoland winner of a big jackpot prize definitely recieves the prize money..

Collectively, in the course of our testing, we have received a positive feedback about the service provider, as the total package offered by the provider is quite good. As we have not encountered any noteworthy criticism, we would like to recommend this service provider, if one wants to experience the thrill of a private lottery with valuable features for higher winning chances same as those available with the competition.

Lottoland offers various lotteries such as EuroMillions, Powerball or Keno as well as Jackpot lotteries. A very exciting site.

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