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It was the European settlers who introduced gambling to New Zealand. Thereafter, in order to bring gambling under legal purview, the New Zealand government introduced the Gambling Act of 1908 which legalized gambling albeit only at the racetracks.

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For a long time since its formation, most the gambling activity in the New Zealand is carried out under the watch eye of the Department of Internal Affairs and the players had to voluntarily give a percentage of their winnings back to the society. However, the advancement in technology has resulted in the government loosening its hold on the New Zealand gambling industry.

The Kiwis indulge in the following 5 gambling activities :

  • Horse Races
  • Lotto
  • Slots
  • Land based Casinos and
  • Online Casinos

Gambling has always been considered as an harmless activity – indulged in primarily by men and as was the case in the olden days, the gamblers would contribute a certain percentage of their winnings towards societal improvements. But one also needs to remember that like every other activity, gambling too can get addictive and create problems not only for the society, but for the families as well.

New Zealand’s Best casino sites

Operating an digital gambling site in New Zealand is not legal, however the New Zealanders can freely play on an online casino as long as it is based outside the country. Just like online casino players around the world, Kiwis too enjoy playing the best games available and making good money while they do so. Selecting the best online casino is not kids’ play.

A lot of things need to be considered and the gaming site thoroughly evaluated. The online casinos operators are well of the existing competition and are ever willing to walk the extra mile to ensure their players always keep coming back for more.

It is important to consider a whole lot of factors before selecting an online casino – just the name is not enough. The above rated online casinos have been tried and tested by millions of players, for not only the game, but the overall gaming experience and the options available for both payments and well as withdrawals.

Regulation and licenses

As do the other countries, New Zealand too has its set of gambling regulations which have to be adhered to strictly. There are four main legal acts in New Zealand viz The Lotteries Act, 1977, The Boxing and Wrestling Act, 1981, Racing Act, 2003 and the Gambling Act, 2003. Out of these 4 Acts, the Gambling Act pertains to the legal status of online casinos in New Zealand.

The Gambling Act, 2003 allows the citizens to play at online casinos as long as the operators/servers of the said casinos are not based in New Zealand itself. There is no question of running into the law for playing at online casinos as long as they are based off shore. It is therefore, extremely important for a player to ensure that the online casino is not based in New Zealand before signing up for playing.

There are no specific guidelines relating to taxation as far as winnings at online casinos are concerned. Guidelines issued by the Revenue Department however, do mention that moneys won at slot machines are not taxable as the government considers gambling as a source of relaxation – a hobby so to say – and hence does not think it necessary to tax earnings made while indulging in a hobby.

In New Zealand, the Department of Internal Affairs takes care of gambling legislations and the Gambling Commission issues and renews the licenses. The regulatory authorities will not help you in case of any fraud or mismanagement of an online casino.

Government trying to ban all kinds of gambling

Money has always been a motivating factor for anybody and the online casino players are no different. Whether they are spinning the roulette or playing at the slots, nothing attracts the online players more than the money and if it is jackpot, there is absolutely no end to the madness. The biggest jackpot in the New Zealand history was NZ$ 10.1 million (roughly US$ 7.2) won by a KFC employee at CasinoLand. This win has not gone down well with the New Zealand government who is trying their best to ban all kinds of gambling.

Good to know
Online gaming has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and one of the main reasons for this is the fact that it allows the gamers to indulge themselves from the comforts of their homes without any time restrictions. Everyone now-a-days has either a smart phone or a tablet. Mobile casinos have further fueled the online gamblers interests by allowing them access to their favorite pokies, blackjack and other games on the go.

Are there any additional fees?

After having done your research and selected the online casino that best caters to your gambling interests, comes the next step important step before actually starting play and that is payment. With online fraud and misuse of personal data, one cannot, but be a little apprehensive about furnishing personal and banking details over the internet.

The online operators are well aware of their subscribers’ fears with regards to payments and do all they can to ensure your online payments are safe and secure and your online gambling experience is enjoyable. However, before making the payment, it is necessary to check whether a chosen online casino is licensed by an established licensing authority and also familiarize yourself with the gambling laws of the country where the operator is based.

Following are the payment options available to the New Zealand online casino gamers:

Direct Bank Transfers: This is probably the safest method of transferring your payments to your online casino account. Many people rather use the direct bank transfer option to fund their online casino account as you can use only what is available, ie, your bank will not accept a transfer request for $200.00 if there is only $ 190.00 in your account.

This eliminates any possibility of overspending or going into debt. Direct bank transfer also allow you the luxury of making the payments at your convenience and is definitely the safest and most secure mode of transferring funds online.

3 logo mastercadCredit Cards: Online casinos accept most debit and credit cards including Master, Visa and AmEx. This method of payment reflects immediately in your online casino account, thereby allowing you instant access to the games. However, one needs to bear in mind that by using a credit card, you are drawing a line of credit on an already existing credit facility – the interest in this case is rather high.

eWallets and eVouchers: This mode of payment has become very popular in the last couple of years. This is a very convenient and easy method of not mixing your gambling prize moneys with your regular banking accounts. Players also have the option of their winnings to the e-Wallets, such as Skrill and withdraw cash at any ATM or simply use the e-Wallets to make purchases.

Still a lot of gray area surrounding casinos

There is still a lot of gray area surrounding casinos – land based and online – in New Zealand. The rules and regulations are not clear – allowing gamers to play at online casinos as long as they are not based within New Zealand. There is no doubt that New Zealanders enjoy gambling at online casinos and the introduction of mobile casinos has further spiked this interest.

The numerous regulatory boards monitor the online as well as the land based casinos on a regular basis. No doubt, the current scenario is rather constraining for the Kiwi online casino player, they can freely play on the off shore gambling site without a worry.

There is a likelihood of the government allow operators of the current land based casinos to offer online gaming options as well, but this would definitely be minutely monitored by the government. Moreover, this MIGHT happen in the distant future and when it does, the operators will have to pass an airtight scrutiny and the rules and regulations will be more stringent than in the past.

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