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Optionfair review – Quality check

You are very welcome to this new review of a binary options bróker. In this case, this article will be dealing with a OptionFair review, so pay attention as throughout this review you will be told different facts about OptionFair that you need to know in order to be able later on to decide if you want to do an OptionFair test and live your own OptionFair experience or not.

OptionFair is an innovative binary options platform, which is operated by B.O. TradeFinancials Ltd, a company that is based in Cyprus. OptionFair first started 6 years ago, around 2010. Its jurisdiction is in the Virgin Islands. In terms of the company itself, OptionFair is property of a group of financial professionals who are very experienced and specialized in the binary options industry and more.

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Max. 85%Payout

Advantages and disadvantages

As well as it is normally done, below you will be able to find a detailed list of some of the 5 advantages that offers this binary options broker and 2 disadvantages. As it is always mentioned, it is important that you consider the disadvantages and that you have a look at them. Why? Because it is possible that these disadvantages do not affect you at all, so that at the end they would present no disadvantage to you at all. This way you will avoid omitting this binary options broker immediately and you will be able to focus on all the OptionFair bonus and some of the benefits that are mentioned below:


  • Binary options broker regulated by the recognized CySEC, under license number 216/13

  • Great variety of campaigns

  • Different contact lines in 11 languages

  • Western Union is accepted as a payment method

  • Live chat available 24 hours to the right of the OptionFair website


  • The minimum initial deposit required is of $250


UK Optionfair Logo 1.1As well as it is normally mentioned, it is recommendable that when you are about to choose a binary options broker this one is regulated, so this way you will get an extra legal protection on your online trades with binary options with Option Fair, the money in your account is also protected, as well as your personal information and payment method details that you submit to the binary options platform, in this case OptionFair.

When it comes to OptionFair, you should not worry, as OptionFair is not associated to any kind of scam; on the contrary, this binary options broker presents a big deal of OptionFair bonus, as it is the fact that this binary options broker is regulated.

This binary options broker’s regulation is on behalf of the recognized CySEC – Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, under license number 216/13. It is important to mention that in case you are willing to undertake a verification process, this binary options broker is registered under the name of its proprietary company, B.O. TradeFinancials Ltd. This license is valid in every state member of the European Union.

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Platform and Interface

The OptionFair team has developed a platform that has a very user-friendly interface, said this you can expect a very easy-to-use platform.

In terms of the different options offered within its platform, you will be able to find, for example, a great variety of accounts. Choose the one that is right for your and do your OptionFair test:

  • Standard account – minimum initial required deposit: $250 – Bonus of up to 40%. Also if you registered in this type of account, you will receive an introductory session to the financial area.
  • Silver account – minimum initial required deposit: $500 – Bonus of 60% and profits of 1% – Also, a monthly session is offered with an expert and two live SMS services.
  • Gold account – minimum initial required deposit: $2000 – Bonus of up to 80% and additional profits of 2%, weekly sessions and more.
  • Platinum account – minimum initial required deposit: $15.000 – Bonus of 100% and additional profits of 4%. Moreover, this type of account offers great unlimited consultancy service and a lot more.

UK Option Fair Platform 1

In addition, within this platform OptionFair counts with the favourite option within the binary options brokers: a demo account. Make use of this account and continue learning, trying the platform and use it to evaluate the market and continue developing online trading strategies with binary options thanks to OptionFair.

Mobile Trading App

Mobile Website Optionfair

The mobile website of Optionfair

OptionFair looks forward to you making online trades with binary options no matter where you are, which is why they have developed a great mobile trading application.

The platform has been developed to adapt to different types of smartphones and tablets. In addition, a great advantage is that the download of the app is completely free and you can download the app to the following operating systems:
*Android – Enter Google Play to download the OptionFair mobile application
*iOS – Enter thel App Store to download the OptionFair mobile application

Everything that you will need to make use of this great and revolutionary mobile trading application offered by OptionFair is to have downloaded the app to your device and count with an Internet connection, no matter it is with your data plan or with a wireless connection, Wi-Fi.

TV Spots & Advertising

Many binary options brokers choose to go for sponsorship and the production of different TV spots in order to promote their brands. This is not the case of OptionFair, which up to know does not count with major TV spots.

In case you would like to watch video content from OptionFair, you can enter for example, the biggest video platform Internet has to offer, YouTube, and there you will find some of the reviews of OptionFair created by different usres and experts of the binary options industry.

Educational Center

OptionFair considers that it is very important the training and education of the different traders within the binary options industry and this is why they have developed an educational center, which no matter your level of knowledge and experience, will be of help to start your way in the binary options industry and/or to continue developing and learning about online trading strategies with binary options, in this case, from the hand of OptionFair.

Within the Educational Centre section you will be able to find the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions area, which in many cases it can help you answers your questions and this is also a way to get trained and develop knowledge about the binary options industry.

As it has been mentioned, besides from including the Frequently Asked Questions section, the Educational Centre does also include the following areas:

  • Binary options commerce – Introduction to the basic and general concepts of the binary options industry
  • What are binary options ? – Information about important and specific facts about the definition and functioning of the binary options
  • Trader basics – Basic concepts the trader can use when making his online trades with binary options
  • Glossary – A great glossary section to grasp all the vocabulary and terminology that you need to know in order to trade online with binary options
UK Optionfair Logo 1.1

Max. 85%Payout


Once again, it is expected that you have liked and enjoyed this OptionFair review and that it has informed you about all those details and facts that are of your interest when getting to know a binary options broker and that you need to take into account at the moment of choosing a binary options broker. If you consider that this binary options broker does suit your needs and preferences, then go ahead and do your OptionFair test and live your own OptionFair experience.

As it is normally mentioned with the other binary options brokers’ reviews, always remember that it is important to make some good research and that if you still have any questions, there is nothing better than reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions section of the binary options broker’s website. If you would prefer a more dynamic experience, then do not hesitate and get in touch with the OptionFair customer service team by email, phone or use the live chat feature available on its website.

The customer service agents will be more than willing to answer to all of your questions in more than 10 languages, so go ahead and do not keep any questions or doubts to yourself, the team is willing to answer to your questions and help you with everything you may need.