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Plus500 review – Quality check

There exist many available foreign exchange broker in the net nowadays. What is really important is to know with which broker we will come across so as to know how secure our online trading trades will be and how safe our invested money will be in the different foreign exchange platforms. By means of this short but complete Plus500 review, you will learn which are the most highlighting points about the foreign exchange broker, Plus500, so that you can take it into account and see if it meets your requirements and personal needs when it comes also to your online trades. Pay attention to this Plus500 review.

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A world full of advantages

Obviously, the perfect foreign exchange broker does not exist, but Plus500 stands out for its advantages that will make it be ahead and shoulders about the rest and make your Plus500 test and experience unique and only. Thanks to this Plus500 revision you will learn the most important points that make this broker of foreign exchange stand out. Have a look at the following 5 advantages that could help you make your decision and get to know this broker better.


  • Totally regulated foreign exchange broker

  • Official Affiliation Program

  • Variety of Deposits – Plus500 bonus

  • Payment methods

  • Means of communication

When it comes to disadvantages, let’s make it clear; there are some cons that need to be mentioned as this review is very thorough.


  • One payment method

The regulation

UK Plus500 Logo 1As mentioned before, if you are willing to do your Plus500 test, it is important that you know that this foreign exchange broker is regulated, good news! Plus500 counts with absolute regulation and authorization on behalf of FCA (registered under FCA No. 509909). It is important and needs to be said that the trades carried out in Australia are regulated by the following body: AS&IC, Australian Securities and Investments Commission and in Australia, Plus500 is registered under ASFL No. 417727).

Plus500 is highly recommended and it is not associated with Plus500 scam, you will definitely feel confident and secure enough when trading online in a platform that is regulated by regulating bodies in different locations. So remember, there are many advantages of making your online trades and operations with a regulated platform, as one does know with whom is trading and it does also ensure that the provider with whom one is dealing is trustworthy and safe, where all the rules and regulations are highly strict and happen according to the law.

It is important also to mention that the body that regulates Plus500 in the United Kingdom is one of the strongest regulating bodies in the United Kingdom and in the European Union. In addition, Plus500 in the United Kingdom offer a special protection, a system that will protect the traders 100% when they win their first US$50,000 and they claim for their funds and profits. So it is very clear that there is no digital scam you should worry about when dealing with Plus500.

Plus500 Ltd.
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FCA in the United Kingdom, AS&IC in Australia and CySEC in Cyprus
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Also, if what you are looking for is making your online trades with your desktop computer, then when you do your Plus500 test you will realize that the following options are available to you. You will be able to make your online trades using the following operating system:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux

Plu500 platform is ideal as it counts with the demo account option, so if you would like to have a look and do your Plus500 test, then go ahead, you will be able to use this demo account to discover how the Plus500 interface works and also to train yourself with your strategies and see how the foreign exchange market works. This feature is ideal both for beginners, as well as for experienced and advanced traders.

The platform that offers the Plus500 experience is unique, as the Plus500 platform is very easy and fast to use and to surf. In addition, you will be able to easily select which assets you would like to use for your online trades in the left area of the platform’s website and you will be able to see the prices and eventually make your online trades.

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Plus500 brags for the screen its developers have developed and designed for its online trades, as it is pretty broad and includes all the capacities that you require, you can even view all the software’ signals.

In order to gain access to its website, which is available in many languages, you need to enter the following address. Use this link to enter its official website and avoid any other kind of Plus500 scam: . Over there, in its upper right area, you can select your preferred language and also Plus500 bonus will directly redirect you thanks to the IP address recognition to the right platform for you according to the country where you are in that moment.

You can enter the different mobile platforms and ready the best Plus500 review from the different iOS, Windows Phone and Android users. Make use of the great option, Plus500 bonus!

Mobile trading

Mobile Website Plus500

The mobile website of Plus500

In this Plus500 review you will also be told that Plus500 is up to date with technology and it offers you all the benefits that are global trends, which is why this Plus500 review tells you that Plus500 counts on with mobile applications that you can use in all your devices.

  • Plus500 application for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Apple Watch. You just need to enter the App Store to download the Plus500 app.
  • Plus500 application for Android devices: wide range of variety of devices that work and are supported by Android’s operating system. You just need to enter Google Play to download the Plus500 app.
  • Plus500 application for Windows Phone devices: simply enter your phones store and search for the Plus500 application.

Instructive Video

When you enter Plus500 site you will be able to watch a short video tutorial to understand how Plus500 works. In this case, Plus500 does not count with very frequent TV spots, but yes with a great variety when the do. The material they offer in their own site is also offered in platforms like YouTube. So, if you enter YouTube you will be able to see a great variety of videos that belong to Plus500 and you will enjoy and learn even more about everything that Plus500 has to offer you.

What is also ideal is that you will also find these videos in different languages, and in case your language isn’t available it is very probable that there will be a version with subtitles so that you can perfectly understand it. It does not only count on with ad spots but also you can enter Plus500 Facebook’s Page and discover their daily posts, where they also share ad and instructive videos and this will make that your Plus500 experience is richer and that you can reach all of its contents.

If you are a sports fan, you may know that Plus500 is a great sponsor of one of the world’s biggest football’s team. Yes! For years, Plus500 has been the official sponsor of a very famous Spanish team, the popular Atlético Madrid. The growth, recognition and popularity of Plus500 is such that it has even made it to one of the world’s biggest leagues.

Educational Material

Although Plus500 doesn’t count with an educational program, it does offer a tutorial and the chance to access a demo account to its users. Since 2008, yes, since 8 years now, Plus500 has grown and it brags for offering great services to single clients, offering them the opportunity to invest in different industries and finance markets at international level.

What also needs to be mentioned is that Plus500 counts with an educational centre, not a program, and this one has a variety of tools and resources that you can use as an user to benefit from them.

This way not only you will be enriching your knowledge, but you will also be able to put everything into practice with the demo account and practice every time even more to enhance your confidence and safety you need to start using the real account and make your real online trades.

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After having read all of this Plus500 review, you may consider that Plus500 speaks on its own, which is why it is such a renowned foreign exchange broker. It is more than clear that Plus500 is a legit foreign exchange broker. In case you have any question about the trading platform that Plus500 offers, you can access your email account and send the customer service representative a question to the following address: [email protected]