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Stockpair review – Quality check

Welcome to a new binary options broker review.  In this opportunity you will be shared a StockPair review. Yes! Today is the turn of StockPair and by means of this StockPair review, you will be told everything you need to know about this binary options broker, its most significant points and every detail you need to take into account at the moment of deciding whether you are willing to do a StockPair test or not in order to have a StockPair experience.

Since its beginnings, StockPair has always been known, besides from the effectiveness of its online trades as a binary options broker, for the design and ease of use of its platform, interface and of its website. It is considered to be very informative and to have a very attractive and simple design for a better use of its users. As it is mentioned in its website, StockPair serves and operates in many countries and has as a goal to offer the investors, no matter their level of experience and professionalism, a great experience and a great atmosphere to develop in the binary options industry by the hand of StockPair.

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Max. 90%Payout

Pros & Cons

As it is normally done, in every binary options broker review done by us you will find a list with some of the advantages and disadvantages that every binary options broker has; and this is also the case of StockPair. It is important that you pay attention to these disadvantages, as it is possible that according to your preferences, these disadvantages do not present any change or prejudice at all for you and you still want to do a StockPair test and have your own StockPair experience without being affected at all. Have a look at the following list, what are you waiting for?!


  • Binary options broker fully regulated by CySEC, license number 229/14

  • You will find a lot of educational content available

  • Platform and interface with great design and ease of use

  • Cashback option available

  • Amazing customer service experience provided by the StockPair staff


  • US residents cannot trade with StockPair


UK Stock Pair Logo 1Once again it is worth to mention, as it is done with every binary options broker’ review, that it is very important that at the time of choosing a binary options broker that this one is fully regulated by a recognized regulating body.

This binary options broker was not going to be the exception, as StockPair is very well-known, and it is by no means a StockPair scam, but a world of StockPair bonus, and it is indeed a regulated binary options broker. StockPair is regulated by one of the most recognized and well-known entities of the industry.

StockPair is regulated by CySEC – Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, under license number and CIF authorization 229/14. Moreover, StockPair is also regulated by MIFId, an entity that belongs to the European Union.

In case that you are willing to undertake your own verification process, it is important that you take into account that at CySEC, StockPair is registered under its proprietary company’s name: Nextade Worldwide Ltd.

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CySEC, European Union and by MIFId
Icon Cellphone+44 2030269430

Interface and platform

As it has been mentioned above, StockPair has also been known since its beginning, and this still sticks to the present, thanks to the great design and user-friendly feature its website, binary options platform and interface offer.

But that is not it, as within its platform you will be able to find different sections that will make your StockPair experience a very simple and rich one.

UK Stock Pair Platform 1

When you choose the type of account that you will use, you will find a specific designed area to see what are the available types of accounts. Have a look at the different types of accounts available nowadays that StockPair has to offer:

  • Silver Account: Minimum initial deposit required: 1,000 USD. This account has been created for beginners.
  • Gold Account: Minimum initial deposit required: 5,000 USD. This account has been created for intermediate level traders.
  • Platinum Account: Minimum initial deposit required: 20,000 USD. This account has been created for experienced traders with 2% cashback.
  • VIP Account: Minimum initial deposit required: 50,000 USD. This account has been created for professional traders, up to 500,000 USD cashback.

Moreover, in the StockPair platform you will find the live chat feature and you will be able to get in touch with the customer service representatives instantly.

Mobile trading app

Mobile Website Stockpair

The mobile website of Stockpair

StockPair looks forward to you making your online trades and taking advantage of all the available benefits StockPair has to offer, besides from being a regulated and leader broker in the binary options industry. For this reason the developer team has created an unique and revolutionary mobile trading application.

The application is free and you can download it to devices operating iOS and Android. In case of the operating system iOS, you just need to enter the App Store and from there you will be able to download the StockPair app to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

If you have a device that operates Android, you just need to enter Google Play and from there you will be able to download the StockPair application. This application works for both, smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to this application you will be able to make your online trades with binary options wherever you are, you will just need to be connected to the Internet, no matter if via data plan or a wireless connection, Wi-Fi.

TV spots and offers

Until now it cannot be said that StockPair bases its marketing and advertising strategies on the creating of tv spots and advertising in different communication media, like in this case tv channels.

What you will be able to find and discover if you enter YouTube is a big deal of available videos about StockPair, from advertisements to binary options broker review done by users and experts from the binary options industry.

In terms of offers, no matter StockPair does not count with a demo account available to offer its clients, this is not a disadvantage as StockPair has developed another type of offer.

StockPair has developed an affiliate program. You can click on and enter the following link to discover what this affiliate program is about: Do not miss this opportunity!

Education program

If you enter the following link you will be able to discover a great Education section that has been developed and is offered by StockPair:

Within this educational section you will be able to find the different areas that will help you to continue learning and growing in the binary options market thanks to StockPair.

  • What are binary options?
  • What are pair options?
  • How to trade
  • Trading strategies
  • Why StockPair?
  • Premium Accounts
  • Market and Rules
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Manage your risk
  • what are KIKO options?
  • Strategies
  • Deposits and Withdrawals

StockPair has been recognized in many occasions for offering such a well explained content in all of these sections and because of all the information offered to the different users, no matter their level in terms of online trading and binary options.

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Max. 90%Payout


As it is normally mentioned, it is expected that you have liked this StockPair review and that it was helpful and has informed you as much as possible so that all of your questions were answered. Probably, one of the best ways to conclude this StockPair review is by quoting one of the phrases that the StockPair team shares with its users and visitors in its website: “We work hard to offer the best trading environment.”

There is no doubt that all the benefits offered by StockPair will make your StockPair experience unique and there exist many many reasons why this one is one of the world’s top binary options broker, which has not lost positioning throughout the years. If you still have further questions, do not hesitate and get in touch with the customer service representatives who will be willing to help you and answer to all of your questions.

You can contact them through any of their contact lines: live chat, phone call, email and contact form. Go ahead! Do not sleep on it! Try StockPair today, and you will not regret it! What are you waiting for? Good luck with your StockPair experience!